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Paramount to Launch the First VR Movie Theater Experience

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A day after Pixar released Coco VR, another film production company is venturing into virtual reality experience with an entire VR movie theater.

On Thursday, Deadline reported that the famous production studio Paramount Pictures has been working on a project that will soon bring the experience of VR movie theater to the homes of every movie fan. The report came just a day after Disney-owned Pixar launched its first virtual reality experience, Coco VR.

Paramount Pictures set to release its VR movie theater
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Paramount has been credited for co-producing some of today’s biggest blockbuster film franchises such as Interstellar, Star Trek, Transformers, and several Marvel movies. Currently, it appears that the VR technology‘s growing appeal and influence in the movie industry also caught up with Paramount.

The studio’s alleged virtual reality experience project is being developed in partnership with Bigscreen, a California-based startup which focuses on creating immersive virtual reality telepresence platform. Aside from Bigscreen, Paramount is also collaborating with leading virtual reality space companies such as Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, HTC, and Microsoft to launch the first-ever VR movie theater.

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VR Movie Theater… are we Going to bid Cinemas Goodbye Soon?

According to reports, Paramount’s VR movie theater will let a viewer experience the feeling of watching movies in a real cinematic environment just by using VR headset. Imagine not having to go through long ticketing lines in cinemas!

People who own any brand of VR devices are invited to try this new virtual reality experience by logging in to on December 3. The first film that will grace the screen of the VR movie theater is Top Gun 3D which, of course, stars Tom Cruise.

Top Gun Starring Tom Cruise
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As a viewer, you will get to walk into a virtual movie theater, complete with one-sheets and a theater seating. The creators even said that trailers would also be played before the screening of the feature film. What’s more exciting is that you will be seated in a virtual audience where you can chat with other viewers.

Tom Hayes, SVP New Media at Paramount, was quoted as saying:

“This is a good example of what happens when you collaborate with Silicon Valley.”

Hayes reportedly came across Bigscreen a year ago when it was still an enterprise productivity tool. He reviewed what the company was doing then and realized that they were actually developing movie theater. Six months ago, the VR movie theater project began.

“It launches a possible new platform for the film business,” Hayes told Deadline. “Obviously, you can add all sorts of bonus content with the filmmakers Q&A, games, trivia, for example, afterwards. There’s no limit to what we can do.”

“Paramount wants to be where the consumers are and the media landscape is changing and we want to be as vanguard as possible. We have to make the theaters a bigger and better experience. Jim G [Paramount chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos] is a progressive thinker, and we want to get out front and see where audiences want to go. There is quite a cultural difference between high-tech and Hollywood. Here we are testing something that is a page turner in the history of media.”

It was said that Paramount has several other films scheduled to come starting 2018 and that it will be using the VR movie theater to market upcoming reboots. The studio has not divulged further details of its plans yet.

Will you try the VR movie theater? Do you think it will be a good alternative to real-life cinemas? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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