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Patent Round-up: Boeing Toilet, Uber AR, and Microsoft Crime AI

Technological leaps happen all the time. The best way to stay informed actually means reading ahead of what headlines are already reporting. But don't worry: EDGY_ has a patent round-up for quarter one of 2019 to save you some precious time.

It helps to stay on track of recent patent filings. Here are three of the biggest recent patent filings. ¦ Shutterstock

It helps to stay on track of recent patent filings. Here are three of the biggest recent patent filings. ¦ Shutterstock

One of the best ways of getting ahead of tech releases is by checking on patent updates. Here, we give you three of the most interesting patents recently released.

The newer system includes a fan to disrupt the ozone formation. | Patent Yogi

Aircraft Toilets Get a UV Upgrade

The aircraft juggernaut Boeing probably wants better headlines these days. As many readers may know, the company encountered controversy regarding their Boeing 737 MAX planes recently. But this news involves a semi-inconsequential part of the plane by comparison.

A newly published patent from February 28, 2019, aims to improve bathroom cleanliness perception.

That’s correct: it doesn’t really have much to do with comfort or usability. However, the new system involves a UV light sanitizing ozone-disrupting system. As you can see in the above figure, the UV lights will provide sanitation in aircraft bathrooms.

Of course, ozone is toxic to humans if inhaled, so the newer system includes a fan, as well.

Uber Shifts From AI Patents to an AR Patent

GPS technology has come a very long way since the first Garmin graced car dashboards. But many people still experience issues regarding ride-share pick-up points and other things reliant upon GPS location. In addition, identifying your ride-share in a crowded area presents another challenge.

This recently published patent from Uber aims to amend these woes.

The tech leverages augmented reality to build upon information from your smartphone. Essentially, Uber uses a live feed from your smartphone camera. The app uses both your and your ride’s location to display an AR overlay as seen above.

You can more easily identify which Uber is yours and how far it is from you.

Everything in a crime scene presents data for the Sherlock Holmes bot to sieve. | Patent Yogi

Sherlock Holmes Bot: The Game is Aboot

This recent Microsoft patent application details information about a crime scene AI. It features 20 total claims regarding capabilities, but the gist is this: an automated crime scene analysis platform that uses machine learning.

According to the patent, the above image contains much more information than we can see.

Untrained eyes may only see a body and footprints. But the “Sherlock Holmes” bot takes in relevant crime scene data using cameras, sensors, microphones, and other systems. Then, it analyses the data through machine learning algorithms.

Perhaps all of these companies will unveil more information regarding these patents soon.

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