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Planty Cube Offers Smart Farming Alternative to Growing Crops

Image credit: Brandon nthing YouTube Channel

Image credit: Brandon nthing YouTube Channel

Planty Cube is a modular vertical farm that offers the technology necessary to grow vegetables in a fully-controlled environment.

Ancient farmers had to depend on their hands and crude tools to cultivate their food. Today, tons of technology are at the disposal of farm owners, including automated tractors.

Now, an agriculture IoT startup, n.thing, has come up with an innovation that’ll sweep the ground out from farming altogether.

At first, n.thing developed an IoT Smart pot with sensors to provided real-time information about the plant. However, the company’s co-founder, Leo Kim, soon spotted a demand for a more convenient way to grow plants, and he responded with Planty Cube.

Planty Cube combines vertical farming technology with a smart environment control system to deliver higher agricultural yields all year round.

Here’s how it works.

Planty Cube: Growing High-Quality Vegetables in a Fully-Controlled Environment

From the outside, the smart hydroponic farm looks like a 40-footer shipping container. However, a quick glimpse of the inside would reveal stacked rows and shelves of planters on each wall.

A computerized system creates a sealed environment to control temperature, humidity, as well as prevent pests. Also, LEDs deliver the right mixture of light to help with photosynthesis.

However, the driving force behind the Planty Cube is data.

Sensors in the farm collect and store data in the CUBE cloud. With access to this information, the system can provide optimal water, growth, and nutrient information for each crop automatically.

In other words, Planty Cube maximizes the ease of cultivation by allowing farmers to maintain their farm anytime and from anywhere.

Thanks to this high level of control, farmers will be able to produce specialty vegetables. For example, production could be altered to produce greens with low potassium for consumers with heart diseases.

One of the modular structure of Planty Cube is its scalability. That means farmers can start their business with one unit, and increase the number of cubes as their business grows.

Since the crops grow in a controlled space free from agrochemicals, consumers can eat them without washing.

Also, Planty Cube is a sustainable agricultural model. Unlike conventional agriculture, it neither pollutes nor changes the environment.

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