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Pokémon Go With Dinosaurs: New Jurassic Park AR app

Jurassic World Alive ftw | Herschel Hofffmeyer |

Jurassic World Alive ftw | Herschel Hofffmeyer |

This article details recent news about the Jurassic World themed augmented reality app. A follow-up title to Jurassic World: The Game, Jurassic World Alive is out right now for Android and iOS devices.

Jurassic World grossed more than $600-million USD in the U.S. alone. So, it is no wonder that the franchise launched a new AR app ahead of the sequel’s release.

Don’t confuse this with the building game Jurassic World: Evolution. That game comes to PC and console players June 12th, letting you build your own Jurassic Park.

This Jurassic Park AR app functions more like Pokémon Go with your favorite dinosaurs.

Leveraging the Latest Tech to Recreate Ancient Beasts

NBCUniversal partnered with Ludia (a mobile game publisher) to bring this AR app to life. The game uses location-based tech to furnish augmented reality imagery in the form of dinosaurs.

The app uses Google’s new Google Maps application programming interface.

Players can discover dinosaurs using a map then employ in-game drones for DNA sample collection. With those samples, you can level up dinosaurs in your collection. You can even use the DNA to create unique, genetically-altered dinosaurs.

When you’ve created your hideous progeny, you can take them into real-time PvP matc1hes.

“With Jurassic World Alive, our goal is for audiences to be fully immersed in a world with living dinosaurs in a way that’s never been possible until today… Alex Thabet, Ludia CEO

Could This Become the Most Popular AR app?

Early reviewers contend that Jurassic World Alive will oust Pokémon Go as the go-to AR app. But the game only just launched, so perhaps we will see some early hiccups like we did from Pokémon Go publisher Niantic.

But the Jurassic Park AR app has more initial support than Pokémon Go did.

Similarly to the Wonder Woman movie AR app, Walmart will have exclusive specials for players. Those in Canada and the U.S. can unlock in-game content from June 6th to July 31st for an “enhanced supply drop”.

AMC Theatres also offer branded incubators to get more dinosaur DNA.

The new movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens June 22nd.

Which dinosaur is your favorite in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series?

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