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Researchers Develop an AI Agent That Sees Like a Human

intographics / Pixabay

intographics / Pixabay

A team of computer scientists from the University of Texas in Austin has developed an AI agent that can see like we do. According to the team, their agent differs from other AI systems trained in performing specific tasks only.

Kristen Grauman, a professor and lead researcher of the team, said:

“We want an agent that’s generally equipped to enter environments and be ready for new perception tasks as they arise. It behaves in a way that’s versatile and able to succeed at different tasks because it has learned useful patterns about the visual world.”

Through deep learning, the scientists trained their AI on thousands of 360-degrees images of different environments. When presented with a photo that it has not seen before, the AI selects a few glimpses of the scenery, equivalent to less than 20 percent of the whole image, to predict the next scene.

AI Agent that Sees

What the AI agent is doing is similar to the experience of going to a grocery store that you have never visited before. As soon as you see apples, you would expect to see oranges and other fruits nearby as well.

The AI model was able to reconstruct a full 360-degrees image of its environment just by piecing out the images it had taken while glimpsing around. Grauman added:

“Just as you bring in prior information about the regularities that exist in previously experienced environments — like all the grocery stores you have ever been to — this agent searches in a nonexhaustive way. It learns to make intelligent guesses about where to gather visual information to succeed in perception tasks.”

At the moment, the AI agent works like a person standing in one spot and taking snapshots of its surrounding in different directions without moving from its place. The team’s next plan is to create a robot that they can equip with their AI model and enhance it for search-and-rescue applications.

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