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Tech With Legs: Safe H20 Inc. What's in Your Water?

Safe H20 Inc. |

Safe H20 Inc. |

Mark Twain once said that whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting. Potential water shortages threaten our future, but our past is riddled with anecdotes of people drinking alcohol rather than water to avoid pathogens. That’s still a problem, too, and Safe H20 Inc. wants to market their rapid water diagnostic systems to the whole world.

Founded in 2013, Safe H2O Inc. delivers products and services for the rapid detection of waterborne pathogens like Legionella, Cryptosporidium/Giardia and E. coli.

The company has the goal of “enabling global water managers to improve operability while protecting human health and reducing illnesses and costs.” They work with utility companies, industrial processing facilities, and global water managers.

As for specifics on Safe H20 Inc. products and services, the company offers the Rapid Pathogen Detection (RPD and RPD Pro) Systems for diagnosis of waterborne pathogens. But, what about the system specs?

Small Size

The systems are small in size, measuring slightly larger than one cubic foot and weighing less than 20 pounds, which they note makes them ideal for mobile and fixed laboratories.

Faster Testing

The RPDs contain an analyzer and consumable membrane disks which allow the Safe-H2O water pathogen test system to diagnose a water sample within half an hour. The total time required to gather, prepare, and test a sample is less than four hours.

Identify a Range

As Safe H20 Inc. points out, users can perform multiple assays and detect multiple pathogens from one sample.

IoT Integration

You know we at Edgy Labs are always looking to point out how new technologies will link up to the Internet of Things. The RPD Reader takes advantage of existing devices by delivering testing results to a tablet or mobile device and can also store results on the cloud for easy sharing. The cloud-based data management system is a service that Safe H20 offers themselves.

“Our systems will be the premier fully functional multi-pathogen detection systems on the market.” -Safe H20 Inc.

Safe H20 Inc.’s Strategy: Disrupt the Market

Today’s waterborne pathogen diagnostic market is dominated by relatively slow, cheap, media based tests that can take up to two weeks to detect pathogens such as Legionella

The Safe H20 system has the potential to produce a new gold standard for the industry, as their tests save lives, money, and ensure sustainability.

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