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5 Reasons You and Your Business Should Snapchat

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When The New York Times started experimenting on Snapchat last year, it joined thousands of brands who now see the social media application as a smart place to establish a business presence.  First a platform used primarily by teenagers, Snapchat has added features and made changes that have helped move it from a niche market to broadened horizons.

At the heart of Snapchat is what it calls Snap stories. Snapchat introduced the story feature, a collection of videos and photos users can string together to tell a story. How well the photos and videos come together to tell a compelling story, of course, depends on the creativity of the user. Since the beginning, users have also been able to share Snaps, or individual pictures and videos that disappear after being viewed.

“Snapchat lets audiences in on how employees’ individual personalities influence the brand.”

Here are five reasons you should also be using Snapchat:

1. Radical Transparency

Writing on their blog, Everlane, a clothing and clothing accessory company that has used Snapchat since 2015, said that the platform takes transparency to a new level. With Snapchat, there is “No fancy cameras. No editing. Just raw, live, footage.” The radical transparency communicates genuineness and a willingness to honestly engage with others.

Each #Transparency Tuesday, Everlane uses Snapchat to take followers on a tour of their businesses and factories.

2. Connect Organically With Audiences

For businesses, Snapchat is a way to attract followers from the bottom up, by relating to them with more personal and unedited social media. Rather than trying to sell customers something from the top down, audiences have the choice of seeing a genuine moment in the business’s day-to-day function rather than a canned publicity stunt.

3. Makes Users Feel Exclusive

Despite Snaps being available to millions of followers, the window of opportunity to view them is limited. This gives followers a feeling of exclusivity. You might compare this to the early days of television when people crowded around the tube for a thirty-minute special that only came on once a week.

Snapchats give a unique window into live and closed events, where those outside or away from the event can get a glimpse into it real time.

4. Way to Show Personality

A company is a face that conducts itself professionally in order to secure profits and goals. But what about the employees that make up the raw personality of the business? Snapchat lets audiences in on how employees’ individual personalities influence the brand.
Each snap can be like the episodes to a quirky podcast. What can an audience learn about a business’s personality from the people it hires?

5. Snapchat for Business: Short-time is Primetime

Businesses can sponsor Snapchat Lenses with which users can filter their content, which takes Instagram‘s filtered image effects to a whole new level. Earlier this year, Taco Bell posted record 224 million views using a sponsored lens.

Given the fleeting nature of a Snap, Technorati says it is the perfect amount of time to leave teasers for their audience. For audiences with short attention spans, lots of attention-grabbing content can be jammed into one Snap or Snap story.

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