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Mysterious Social Media Company Worth $4b Rolls out Altassian Enterprise

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A social media company hired Isos Technology, an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner to perform a rollout of various Atlassian enterprise tools.

Three tools, JIRA Data Center, Confluence Data Center, and JIRA Service Desk were deployed to the company’s Google Cloud Platform in this rollout.

JIRA Data Center and Confluence Data Center are designed to improve performance, availability, and scalability of platforms. On the other hand, JIRA Service Desk focuses on customer service.

Even though the name of the Social Media platform was not given by Isos Technology in their press release, they wrote that the company is valued around $4 billion USD which makes it one of the largest of its kind on the planet.

They also stated that the company has over 150 million active users and 2500 employees.

With these facts, only a handful of companies fit the description.

Who might it be? Pinterest? Snapchat? And why the sudden deployment of these tools?

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Why the Sudden Deployment of Atlassian’s tools?

Apparently, the company has grown very fast sparking the need for new initiatives to better sustain and manage this growth.

Additionally, the company saw the need for a more consolidated approach for the different departments of the company like engineering, support, and marketing hence the implementation of Atlassian’s collaborative stack.

Ultimately this move illustrates how important streamlining collaboration is to expedite the development, testing, and refinement of new technologies.

It also illustrates how important cloud computing is for Industry 4.0, something we’ve discussed before in this article.

Put simply, this is definitely a boon for the social media company as the Altassian toolset allows them to streamline projects across their enterprise.

It is also a move where Isos Technology can leverage the connective power of social media to enhance its enterprise project management systems.

It’s a collaboration with many short and long term benefits for both companies involved as well as social media and enterprise project management as a whole.

Which company do you think performed this rollout?

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