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Why the Jeopardy Online Test is a Real Game Changer

Ryan J. Thompson |

Ryan J. Thompson |

Jeopardy’s new qualifying test is making waves in marketing, advertising, and tech circles for its unique design. Edgy Labs covers what they’re doing right and how they’re changing the game.

We’ve all heard about the democratizing power of the internet–last year The Washington Post even went so far as to say “that the Internet has democratized democracy seems unavoidably correct”.

MSG Experts also say that within this democratic sector, “knowledge is power and whoever has the most knowledge about the world succeeds in the cutthroat world of business and life.”

The Jeopardy online test is another great example of how the internet is helping deliver the highest quality, most highly-qualified potential contestants to the forefront of the crowd.

What’s so special about the Jeopardy Online Test?

“Grading” any intelligence test is a tricky process. However, according to Maggie Speak, the Contestant Coordinator for the show, Jeopardy test scores are “never released to the public”.

Actually, contestants participate in the test to receive either “a pass” or “never hear from them again”. Still, over 70,000 adults take this test–on 18 broad topics–each year.

The tests themselves are based on a “curve” that ensures the participants are selected in an incredibly democratic manner: with the smartest people in each pool receiving an invitation to join the show.

Why is the Jeopardy Online Test so Appealing?

“2 in 5 people (and nearly half of all men!) think they are [geniuses] one in a thousand,” OKCupid’s Christian Rudder claimed to discover in a series of polls on the dating site.

Ok, so many of us enjoy feeling just a little superior once in a while–what about those actual IQ heavyweights?

Sadly, the community for those with high IQs isn’t actually that wonderful as wonderful as the movies make them out to be.  The go-to high intelligence society (Mensa) frequently receives mixed reviews on their community’s overall merits.

If fact, Poker aficionados (now one of the most widely played games worldwide) tried to recapture this market back in 2011 with their “genius” campaign.

On the other hand, Jeopardy hosts are just that–hosts. Their role is to make you comfortable and at ease, as you play a game–not to tell you about their weekend nudist adventures. Speak charismatically demonstrates that in her 1A interview.

Moreover, because Jeopardy has been around for so long, many of us have positive (or at least nostalgic) memories associated with the brand itself.

Over 70,000 adults take the Jeopardy online test each year.Click To Tweet

Staying Relevant in Industry 4.0

As I hinted above, the test is also a great way to drive user social engagement with the Jeopardy brand and keep a constant dialogue with customers going.

Ultimately, Jeopardy is leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies to not only maintain its position but to expand its presence.

As programmed television becomes less and less popular, this proves Jeopardy’s commitment to keeping their brand alive on the social platforms that their viewers live on.

Do you consider yourself a genius? How should we gauge intelligence as a society?

Click here to find out more about taking the Jeopardy online test.

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