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Students use new VR app to Explore the University of Surrey

River wey in Guildford near the University of Surrey | ExFlow |

"River wey in Guildford near the University of Surrey" | ExFlow |

Budding students wanting to study at the University of Surrey no longer have to wonder how the campus is or how life will be like there. Now they can just use a VR app.

2017 should be a very promising year for VR, in terms of the development of new devices, content, and, especially, mainstream adoption.

In the field of education, constant experimentation is crucial in order to adapt to new types of learning. A “try anything” attitude on the part of education will help to reveal VR’s potential as a medium for information dissemination and learning.

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From new pedagogical practices to virtual tours of campuses, educational and learning centers are beginning to test the possibilities offered by these innovative tools.

Immersive 3D Virtual Tours

3D virtual tours allow users to visit a place as if they were actually there, and to move around at will. The hope is that this will allow prospective students to begin immersing themselves into and interacting with the college environment.

Content is created with VR-specific cameras, complemented by numerous aerial shots and 360° videos (using drones), to make the virtual environment as photorealistic and immersive as possible.

Thanks to VR, the visit takes on a whole new dimension and creates an emotional connection with the place so that the virtual visitor feels like they’re really there without having to spend time and money to make a physical visit.

University of Surrey |

Thanks to an easy access interface, 3D of campuses including real estate (probably the most common “virtual tour”), shopping, hotels, and offices the technique can be easily adapted to all projects.

Aside from time and money savings, virtual visitors get a more personal feel of the place than they would from simple photographs.

Use VR app to Visit a Campus Before Picking it

First intended for the video game industry, VR could be useful in many other sectors, such as education. Imagine being able to decide where you want to study while never leaving your couch.

But Edgy, nothing beats being there in person, you say.

True, but prospective students living far away, say on the other side of the world, absolutely want to visit a university before making such an important decision–but they can’t always afford to travel.

With a VR app, using a smartphone, they can get a glimpse of what it’s like to move around campus. Recently, the University of Surrey (UK) made that service available for future students.

Diverse Interactive University of Surrey
Diverse Interactive

Developed by Diverse Interactive, the University of Surrey offers a VR app for a 360° tour of its campus.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, the app comes with an interactive map, 360° photos and videos, so students can check their room, campus’ facilities, and other student accommodations.

Students can also explore the surrounding area and even venture into the nearby town of Guildford.

It’s an interesting experience and, from a potential Surrey student’s perspective, a useful tool to visit the campus from their own homes before making up their minds regarding college affiliation.

Would you be content with a virtual tour of a campus before applying to attend?

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