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Test out new Furniture, try on new Clothes with E-commerce AR

Test out new Furniture, try on new Clothes with E-commerce AR

A more interactive shopping experience is coming to a cell phone, tablet, and/or computer near you with the recent breakthroughs in AR and VR capabilities. With the advent of practical AR applications, the mall experience will soon be in your home (sans the crowds, sore feet, and parking nightmares).

With E-commerce AR, Your Phone Will be a Mall

Revolutionary apps such as ModiFaceIKEA, and Converse will allow consumers to try a wide range of products. From how a pair of glasses might fit to how a piece of furniture looks in your home to finding your next pair of tennis shoes, all will soon be accomplishable from the comfort of your home.

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AR technology gives the consumer a type of 3D shopping cart. By uploading a 3D capture of a living room, one can find out rather painlessly how a teal retro ottoman will fit into their contemporary-styled abode without buyer’s remorse. Retailers are catching on to the appeal for these services.

The growth of this industry is inevitable as long as VR and e-commerce AR technologies are improved daily.

Item in Cart has Been Removed

Retail giants Walmart and Amazon, have experienced two different realities regarding AR/VR development. First, the profitable growth, and second, the missed opportunities from capturing this burgeoning market.

As Eden Chen‘s Entrepreneur article cites, just two decades ago, Walmart passed up the chance to capitalize on e-commerce AR and Amazon jumped in, scooped up the ball, and ran with it for a glorious touchdown for their business.

Chen also advised major retailers to take this new market seriously. He went on to say that the temptation to overlook the true benefits of this technology would not be a wise move.

The prospect of cutting profit losses due to returned items or dissatisfied customers lowers significantly if the consumer can visualize themselves fully via VR and AR technology. With AR point-of-sales, ownership takes on a new layer that both the consumer and retailer can feel good about.

The Keys to Success

The actual scope of these technologies in the online marketless is limitless. If a retailer can combine the impeccable customer service of the Nordstrom Corporation, an excellent product and a user-friendly web interface, the added stress of physically going shopping may dissuade even the most avid window shopper.

Companies like Magic Leap are leading the AR and VR charge with their cutting edge graphics and applications within these technologies. Their investors are poised for a high rate of return on investment with Magic Leap’s highly anticipated releases. Even their products would be available via their own e-commerce AR.

Catch the wave

Chen declares that companies who are willing to invest and be first to market with these e-commerce AR products will find substantive success. Therefore, diligent research to find the right company with the right tools and developers for your product will become a key strategy.

With so many opportunities in e-commerce AR, the sky is the limit. The old phrase, “let your fingers do the walking” just got a facelift.

Being able to try on clothes before you purchase them conjures exciting prospects for retailers and consumers alike. As it stands, the future of retail is exciting, wide open, and hopefully, this will help shopping become more practical and entertaining.

EdgyLabs readers: what do you think about e-commerce AR in comparison to your current shopping apps and stores? What do you feel would benefit you as a consumer or retailer the most with this cutting edge technology?

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