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Why the New Tesla Amazon Store is a Genius Marketing Move

The new Tesla Amazon store shows everyone exactly why they're the hottest car brand in town right now. With this move, other brands could learn a lot from their approach.

In a smooth marketing move, Tesla has set up their own Amazon store. | Shutterstock

In a smooth marketing move, Tesla has set up their own Amazon store. | Shutterstock

We’ve been taking a look at the new Tesla Amazon store, and we love it already.

While Tesla’s past retail efforts are admirable, it’s not very popular in the community. The Tesla Shop, as it is known, houses tons of merchandise and accessories from the automaker for sale. However, the website received mixed reviews from users.

Now, Tesla is taking its retail business to the biggest online store in the world. To build on the company’s recent success, they launched a Tesla Amazon store to boost the sale of smaller, more convenient items.

So, why are we in love with the new Tesla Amazon store, you ask? One word: variety.

Rather than stock the Amazon store with its pricey electric vehicles and accessories, the automaker decided to reach out to a broader market.

Along with apparels such as Tesla hoodies and snapback hats, you’ll also find essential accessories like iPhone cases. Shoppers can also purchase Tesla’s Diecast Model S in three different colors; gray, red, and white.

All the items listed above are sold through Amazon Prime and the online retailer handles the fulfillment.

While being able to buy a Tesla hoodie on Amazon is nice, an option of ordering a model S would be better. Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment.

Also, other accessories such as wall connector, interior mats, and roof rack were noticeably absent in the store. But this could be because it requires a visit to the service center for installation.

With hundreds of charging stations available, Amazon is fast becoming a hub for electric vehicles. The online retail store even partnered with Audi to sell home charging stations and match buyers with installation experts.

The Tesla Amazon store offers numerous apparells and accessories for sale. And as time passes, we expect that the store should add more products, including charging stations.

Until then, you still have to use the company’s website. So, unless you want to purchase a remote controlled 1:18 scale model of the electric vehicle, you still have to visit the Tesla Shop.

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