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Tesla Owners Offer Free Labor to Help Elon Musk Hit Q2 Delivery Goal

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Free-Photos / Pixabay

A group of loyal Tesla owners from various parts of the world is reportedly offering free labor to help the car company hit its Q2 delivery goal.

Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, have always enjoyed a cult-like fanbase. Regardless of how the company’s stock performed on Wall Street, not only do these loyal customers stick around, but they sometimes offer to work for free.

On weekends when business gets too busy, you could find a Tesla owner or two in the automaker shop, offering free labor. It’s happening again, and this time, Tesla owners from across the world are volunteering.

Tesla’s Q2 Delivery Goal

The end of Tesla’s second fiscal quarter is just around the corner, and it has the Tesla volunteers mobilizing. Their goal is simple; to help the company deliver as many cars as possible before the quarter ends.

Alongside Tesla owners from the United States, the volunteer-driven initiative also includes owners in other countries as well.

In China, Tesla owners are reportedly volunteering their time and effort to help the company bring the electric car to new buyers. For example, a Model 3 owner in Beijing showed up at a local delivery center recently to educate customers about Tesla vehicles.

He’s not alone in this venture.

Last Friday, members of the “Tesla Owners Silicon Valley” group delivered over 100 donuts to employees at three Tesla locations

According to a California-based Tesla fan:

“It is becoming more of a phenomenon that existing Tesla owners help educate new owners through social media, Tesla delivery centers, and owners meetup events.”

While these Tesla owners don’t contribute directly to the electric car’s production or delivery process, they are indeed making a difference.

So, it wasn’t surprising that when a San Francisco-based Tesla owner, Ryan McCaffrey offered to help with the quarter-end deliveries, Elon Musk responded with enthusiasm.

Musk tweeted:

“Wow, thanks for offering to help! The coming week is incredibly intense. If any current Tesla owners who’d like to help educate new owners could head to Tesla delivery centers during midday on Sat/Sun & morning/evening on weekdays, that would be super appreciated!”

Not the First Time Tesla Owners Are Stepping Up

Back in September 2018, about 30 Tesla owners volunteered over 40 hours of labor at the delivery centers in Denver.

That quarter, not only did the company deliver a record 83,500 vehicles, including 55,840 newly introduced Model 3 cars, but it also recorded its first profitable quarter since 2003. Tesla’s revenue and profit were higher than Wall Street’s projection.

Tesla’s fiscal second quarter ends on June 30, and the company will expectedly report its earnings on July 31.

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