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The 10 Best Social Media Campaign Strategies for Small Businesses | |

A good social media campaign can take a lot of time and effort, especially when you have to run the business and manage it yourself.

How do you make sure you get the desired results from your efforts?

By employing one of these campaign strategies, you’ll drastically increase the chances of your campaign’s success.

How do we know? Because other brands, big and small, have found successes with these strategies.

Here are Our Picks for the Best Social Media Campaign Strategies for Small Businesses:

1. Video Contests

Video contests can be very effective if run right. Video contests are a great way for customers to showcase usage of your products and win something in return.

With the abundance of smartphones, it’s very easy to get your users to take and upload HD videos.

Bonus tip: Once the contest is over, you can create a promotional video for your product out of the best submissions.

2. Polls

Polls are an effective way to get feedback from your users or invite them to your decision-making process.

Also, polls can be a great tool to drive engagement by asking funny questions just like Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly did. Of course, you’ll need a good pool of followers before you can implement this strategy.

3. Tag-a-friend Posts

Tag-a-friend posts allow you to gain more reach beyond your current following. If you don’t have a good-sized following just yet, this strategy works well to take advantage of the following of others.

By using a call to action (CTA) to tag a friend/tag someone, your followers are encouraged to tag their friends who do not follow your account to see the post as well.

And the chain goes on.

4. Live Q&As

With the introduction of live streaming on almost every social media platform, you can use it as a campaign strategy by hosting a live Q & A session.

This will be a great opportunity to connect with your customers in real time and also answer questions about your business that they may have.

On June 14, 2016, Mark Zuckerberg held his first ever live Q&A session on Facebook which drove in millions of viewers. Since then a lot of brands and individuals have followed suit.

Of course, for smaller businesses, you’ll want to use some of these other strategies to drive a significant following to your social network. That’s when Q&As will work the best.

5. Custom Hashtags

Hashtags, in general, allow people to find content others are sharing around a specific topic.

This can be adapted to your business specifically. By creating your own hashtags, you can use it as a tool to share content that’s unique to your brand or business.

Your users can also join in as well and share content with your custom hashtag.

6. Location-Based Contest

Location-based contests work well for physical businesses like stores, hotels, and restaurants. With the geotagging feature on social media platforms, users can tag their location in their posts.

Use this feature to create campaigns around events you host at physical locations. This allows you to limit contests to people present at the event and pick a winner out of them.

This allows you to limit contests to people present at the event and pick a winner out of them.

Think about ways to adapt your product or service into a contest. Even if your business is a small, local outlet, you can still connect with other similar businesses around the world to drive traffic to your social media accounts.

These days local businesses can take advantage of our globalized world with social media attention.

7. Account Takeover

If you know any influencers relevant to your business, you can reach out to them to take over your social media account for a day to give your fans a peek into their daily lives or a specific event.

This will draw in more of your audience as well as theirs.

A great example is when reality TV star Jonathan Cheban took over Upsalehype’s Instagram stories for 24 hours.

Jonathan Cheban takes over Upscalehype

8. Sale & Discounts

Everyone loves a bargain. By offering unique discounts exclusively to social media fans, you can drive all sorts of desired engagements to your social media accounts.

A great social media campaign method is limiting the number of people allowed in on the discount. For example, you could run a Facebook campaign offering a discount or giveaway to the first ten people to like your status or sign up to your mailing list. This way, you provide a sense of exclusivity and urgency about your offer that will push people to contact you.

9. Design Contests

Whether it’s a new logo for your brand, a mascot design or a UX makeover, you can turn this into a social media campaign.

By having your fans create and share their entries, you’ll be creating a lot of buzz around your business.

10. Livestream Events

Nowadays, it’s very easy to broadcast a live stream. It’s readily available on all social platforms.

If you’re a bakery, think about live streaming your production process. It might not attract a huge local following right away, but after you stream consistently, you’ll undoubtedly attract interested eyes.

Planning or hosting an event? Use live streaming to give your fans a taste of what goes on behind the scenes and ultimately the main event.

Pro Tip: Build anticipation with a countdown timer to the main event.

Did we leave out your best social media campaign strategy? Let us know

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  1. connectworldwide October 24 at 12:25 pm GMT

    Social media has become the buzz word today, and it has become imperative for businesses to have an active presence on social media in order to gain a good reputation among consumers. Thank you for sharing these excellent strategies that can be effective for small businesses for their social media campaigns.

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