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Twitter Launches Snapchat-Like Camera Feature

Twitter is muscling in on the Snapchat empire with its new camera feature, but can it win? | raphaelsilva / Pixabay

Twitter is muscling in on the Snapchat empire with its new camera feature, but can it win? | raphaelsilva / Pixabay

Though it has fallen out of grace as the go-to marketing tool, Snapchat remains active despite competition from Instagram Stories and other ephemeral content outlets.

Though Twitter is more known for its words than its images, a new feature seeks to change that.

A Feature to Encourage More Native Content

The above tweet features an embedded video on Twitter from a major brand. But it still keeps media and the text of a tweet separated. This new camera feature aims to unite these variables.

In a nutshell, you can swipe directly from the home screen to overlay captions onto videos, photos, and even live broadcasts. Then, of course, you can share them to your feed/timeline.

Given that many platforms including Facebook are trying to diversify, it makes sense that Twitter is implementing more features. But most of all, it feels like an attempt by Twitter to make Snapchat obsolete.

Twitter code describes the new feature as the “News Camera”. It features a Snapchat-esque visual share option along with the aforementioned caption overlay features.

image of the Twitter News camera and caption overlay for article Twitter Launches Snapchat-Like Camera Feature
Matt Navarra captured this screenshot of the new Twitter camera features.

No Timeline for Release as of yet

Social media consultant Matt Navarra first noticed the Twitter camera prototypes last week. He also produced his own video about the update, as well. Unfortunately, that video appears to have been removed at the time of this article publishing. Perhaps Twitter was involved, but perhaps not.

But we at least have a brief image of what the feature looks like, as seen above. You can see that users have the option to add location information, as well.

Navarra described the user experience as fluid with swiping to bring up a unified camera screen. After shooting media, the UI prompts you to include overlays. Users can choose from a variety of backgrounds or overlay cards.

This means that users can merge media and text on Twitter now.

TechCrunch dug up confirmation in the Twitter code and then received confirmation from the social platform itself about the development of the camera feature. However, they do not have a release timeline yet.

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