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Facebook to Display Ads On Instagram's Explore Page

Wokandapix / Pixabay

Wokandapix / Pixabay

It’s finally happening. Facebook has finally decided to include ads on Instagram’s Explore page.

With the update set to roll out over the next few months, Facebook is trying to achieve one simple thing. It wants to provide a chance for brands to be part of “what’s culturally relevant and trending while reaching new audiences who are looking to discover something new.

The advertisement delivery method is pretty simple. When a user taps a photo or video on their Explore page, the ads automatically pop up.

Like its previous ad offerings, Facebook says users should have a level of control over the types of ads that appear on their Instagram Explore feeds.

Also, the social media behemoth has a couple of features in place to encourage adoption. For example, marketers would easily be able to extend their campaign using automatic placements, including an opt-in to reach audiences in Explore.

Ads on Instagram’s Explore Page: How it Could Affect Everyone

The Explore page has slowly evolved into a favorite feature among Instagram users. According to reports, over 50 percent of active users check their Explore feed at least once a month.

Of course, Facebook is taking a significant risk by introducing ads into the page. Adding commercials to an environment where consumers are not used to seeing ads is not always a good idea.

In a statement to Media Post, founder and president of digital marketing agency Page 1 Solutions, Dan Goldstein said:

“The biggest hurdle for any platform trying to introduce ads in a previously noncommercial space is minimizing interruption to the user experience while satisfying advertisers that their content will be seen.”

With that said, Goldstein believes that users of the social media platform will experience a dramatic change. “Instagram is at least easing users into the transition,” he said.

For brands, the inclusion of ads on Instagram’s Explore page is an opportunity.

According to the director of socials at PMG, Carly Carson, brands must re-examine the video strategy in their advertising effort to make the most of this new initiative.

Carson noted:

“Video has proven time and again to be more compelling for users and lucrative for advertisers. Given the Explore feed’s prioritization of video, it will be important for brands to find ways to make their video assets stand out in a sea of photos and videos.”

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