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Why the Future of PSVR is More Exciting Than you Think

The PSVR may have been overshadowed by competitors as of late, but the future of the franchise is looking far brighter. | Image  By Kev Llewellyn | Shutterstock

The PSVR may have been overshadowed by competitors as of late, but the future of the franchise is looking far brighter. | Image By Kev Llewellyn | Shutterstock

Upcoming PlayStation VR (PSVR) releases are certainly exciting, especially developments involving the popular Dark Souls and Kingdom Hearts franchises.

The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift aren’t the only names in the VR games.

While console VR features typically lack compared to PC options, PSVR fans will get some big boons in the coming months from all kinds of developers.

Here are some of the most exciting upcoming releases for the PSVR.


Faeries and Demons Come to PSVR

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the Dark Souls franchise of games. Something about a game being ridiculously frustrating just doesn’t interest me — that’s why I play XCOM on Ironman mode!

All joking aside, the upcoming PSVR story called Déraciné follows in the footsteps of both Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

In it, you play as a young girl at an isolated boarding school. She summons a faerie of some kind and you solve puzzles around the school together. As the faerie, you can stop time or convince the girl to get up to some mischief. Seems pretty wholesome!

In a total 180 from that, the final installments of the terrifying Exorcist: Legion VR game are on the way to PSVR. They originally launched on PC, but will come available for PlayStation October 9th.

In the game, you explore different locations such a failed quarantine zone in Haiti.

I’m not big into scary games, but if you are, check out last year’s list of some of the scariest VR games available right now. Let us know how the Exorcist installments stack up to the competitors!

Become the Keyblade Master or Golf the Day Away

The trailer doesn’t reveal much beyond footage from previous games. The end hints at the experience with some first-person views of a keyblade slaying some Heartless.

In fact, the experience won’t quite be a full-length one at just 10 minutes.

The interactive video features music heavily with just a few interactive elements. It will be available as a free download from the PlayStation Store this holiday season some time.

Everybody’s Golf is another popular, non-scary game getting the PSVR treatment.

Sometime in 2019, you can use a normal Dualshock 4 controller or a PS Move controller to move around a golf club. Senior Producer Kentaro Motomura at Clap Hanz, one of the studios behind the game, elaborated more on what you can do in the PSVR experience.

You can read wind direction, discern terrain type, and experience the game in a 360-degree VR experience. However, it will be single-player only.

Satiate Your PSVR Needs Right now

For some more immediate PSVR fun, check out Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

It’s a unique PSVR platformer with 52 levels and captures the nostalgia of your favorite mustached Nintendo plumber (Mario). Check a review at Upload VR here.

There’s also the PSVR Creed: Rise to Glory game that launched in September. It released alongside Superhot VR in a bundle. Both are worth checking out if you’re into more physical VR games or mind-bending games.

What are some of your favorite PSVR experiences?

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