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All I Wanted For Christmas Was a Mini NES

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Here at Edgy Labs, we cover the bleeding edge of technology, from the theoretical to the commercial, and no commercial item was quite as hotly desired at the end of 2016 as the Mini NES Classic Edition game console. To give readers an exclusive look at the demand for the NES Classic Edition, we’ve agreed to host this letter from one devoted reader to their parents.

Dear Mom & Dad,

I know it’s been a few days since Christmas, but I feel that I must issue a complaint.

I was reasonably well behaved in 2016, and I feel that my contribution was more than enough to secure an NES Classic Edition for Christmas. I intended to tell the both of you in person, but when I stepped up with what I thought were some very logical points to discuss with you, you cut me off with a quick “get off of the table, we’re eating dinner.”

In response, I have enlisted the help of my friends at Edgy Labs in the hopes that you will see this article and listen to the entirety of my complaints in good faith.

I know that my childhood was… awhile ago, but some of my fondest memories are of the days when I was being terrified of Bald Bull’s charge or dancing along with the title music in Excitebike.

I remember how much I argued with you both about playing outside until I learned that my controller cord was long enough to reach outside of my window.

I even remember the fit of rage I had when my little brother saved over my Final Fantasy playthrough right before I had beaten the final boss, something that I may have finally forgiven him for, if this Christmas had proven a bit more merry.

Maybe it was the fact that the Classic was made in purposefully limited numbers to drive up demand. You may blame Miyamoto for treating the Classic as the hot Christmas gift it so clearly was instead of a video game console that succeeds with the love of a huge player-base and the supply to match.

Or maybe you thought that the three-foot long cables wouldn’t be long enough to play out of an open window because you too remember how proud you were when I won my first argument. Heck, the console is stuck with the 30 games it comes with, so that couldn’t possibly provide hours of nostalgic glory, right?

None of those excuses work, but I forgive you, anyway.

I would have gladly sat on the floor, three feet from my 1080p, 8-bit display, smiling at a collection of games that covers more of my youth than I would have even wished for.

I would have gladly packed breakfast, lunch, and dinner to wait in line at Best Buy if I knew there was a chance to relive the past. I had my shot at having Bill Gates as my secret Santa, but when that fell through I was counting on the two of you.

But like I said, I forgive you. After all, surely Nintendo will release more stock, and I’ll still be able to get my own Classic before they decide to make a mini SNES Classic, and we start this tumultuous, will-they-won’t-they dance again.

P.S. I do believe my birthday is only in a few months, and apparently the Sega Mega Drive Classic is in much greater supply.

Sincerely and with much love,

Your Son

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