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WhatsApp Down: Update Crashes Messenger Worldwide

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WhatsApp – the most popular messaging service in the world – crashed for users in the UK, Europe, and South America over the course of this week. Edgy Labs reports on the latest WhatsApp Down details.

Social media continues to grow exponentially, and there’s no end in sight.

When Facebook bought Whatsapp in 2014 for $19 billion USD, WhatsApp had 450 million monthly users and 350 million daily users. In July of this year, that number grew to 1 billion monthly users.

Recently, however, WhatsApp stopped working in what appeared to be a “mystery” outage.

WhatsApp Down but Working now

As reported by The Independent, the 3rd party website Down Detector detected a huge spike in outages, primarily in the UK and Europe. Consumers were not able to send or receive messages during that time.

Although the worldwide event lasted no longer than a few hours, it was highly reminiscent of the equally frustrating Google Crash that took place in late November.

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As we participate in larger and more centralized ways of communicating and sharing information (Google Drive, WhatsApp), it seems it will become more and more difficult to prepare ourselves and our businesses for inevitable “mystery” outages.

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When it comes to keeping backup documents, you’ll likely have to revert back to Microsoft Word (or Open Office) if you want to safeguard yourself against temporary outages that affect documents.

But, are there really any effective safeguards for an outage the magnitude of the blackout lamented in Blade Runner 2049?

However, when it comes to messaging services, there’s a greater range of available options to reach your contacts.

What you can do

Our advice: Always be sure to store your vital contact in a secure location. You may want to consider manually adding your friends or clients on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to your phone and saving them to your SIM card. Or, go the old-fashioned route and commit contact information to paper. It doesn’t have to be a Rolodex, but even if it is – retro revival style is so in right now.

What’s your backup plan in case of a serious outage?

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