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World Backup Day: 4 Ways to Prevent Data Loss Today

Sergey Ko | Shutterstock

Sergey Ko | Shutterstock

Data protection has come a very long way, but nothing replaces data storage backups. Join us and backup your data today!

For many people, data backups aren’t usually the foremost things on their minds. It is usually only until after a data loss event that people remember they can backup data. In fact, there is an entire day dedicated to raising awareness about data loss avoidance.

March 31st (that’s today) is world backup day. There is even a website dedicated to it.

What are 4 quick ways to celebrate world backup day and protect yourself from data loss?

World Backup Day Tip #1: This one is Easy: Download Google Photos

Even if you have an Apple device, Google Photos can be the difference between scrolling through memories and crying over lost pixels.

You can set it to backup only on Wi-Fi or automatically. It also gives you unlimited storage space with the caveat that videos will be 1080p and photos will max out at 16 megapixels.

And yes: it is free to install.

World Backup Day Tip #2: Invest in External Memory

I can’t tell you how many errant flash drives I have lying around my house.

When you can pick up a 32GB flash drive for less than $10 USD, this one is a no-brainer. You can instantly save data at home or on-the-go. What is better: you can take it with you.

Of course, the downside to flash drives is that they have a more limited capacity. If you have an extra $1,400 USD lying around, you can pick the Kingston 2TB flash drive with USB 3.1 support. If you don’t, I would suggest an external hard drive instead.

You can a decently rated 1TB external hard drive on Amazon for as a little as $46 USD.

Of course, it is best, as the Vogons do in A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, to back things up in triplicate. You never know when and where data loss will strike, after all.

World Backup Day Tip #3: Cloud Storage Might be the Best for you

Dropbox was the name in the cloud storage game when I was in college. These days, however, people have way more options when it comes to data storage online.

Of course, you have Google Drive which also offers all of the interconnected services of Google. You can make use of Microsoft One Drive on your Windows PC or Apple iCloud Drive on your Mac.

But a new competitor to the game is Box which offers 10GB of free storage. Unfortunately, it is only available on Windows right now.

If you want a cloud storage option for your Apple or Android mobile device that isn’t listed above, try one of the following:

  • SugarSync (no free storage options)
  • SpiderOak ONE (2GB free storage)
  • Dropbox (10GB free storage)
  • IDrive (5GB free storage

I would suggest reading reviews beforehand though. The beauty of choice is also the downside: you have to put in the research to know which one is best for your needs.

World Backup Day Tip #4: Disk Imaging Services

Cloud storage, apps, and external storage work fantastically for individual files and folders. But if you don’t want to backup specific files only, you’ll have to get more invested.

A disk imaging service might be what you need instead. You can backup all of the files on your hard drive (a.k.a. A “ghost image”). It doesn’t necessarily require a cost, but some solutions are paid while others are free.

For a free option up to 1TB, you could try EaseUS Disk Copy or Macrium Reflect. But, chances are, you need to backup more than 1TB for your laptop or desktop hard drive.

Use something like Acronis True Image for this task. It offers plans and pricing up to 5 TB according to their website.

Of course, if you are really motivated, just build your own backup server in-house.

What are your favorite ways to backup data and prevent data loss?

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