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Google Updates Activity Cards to Support new Related Searches

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It’s not uncommon to search for the same question or topic repeatedly on the search engine. That’s where Google‘s activity cards come in.

It provides a way for people to continue previous searches. Besides a carousel of queries that led to previously visited pages, the card typically feature links to those pages.

Activity cards have a similar look, irrespective of the query that users may type into the search engine. It also shows up for all types of searches.

Now, Google is extending the activity cards to three new search categories — recipes, jobs, and products. Thanks to these new features, users can quickly make purchases, find a job, or prepare a meal.

In a blog post announcement, product manager of Search, InHan Kang said:

“Activity cards help you pick up where you left off on Search, and now, we’re updating them to focus on three areas that are especially important today—jobs, recipes, and online shopping.”

Here’s what you should know about the new cards.

Three New Activity Cards on Google Search


Activity cards for shopping will now show products that you may have been researching, whether it appears in a product review or an article.

For instance, if a product appears in an article you were reading, the search engine may show a link to the product in an activity card. That way, potential buyers can quickly see and compare products.


The job activity card provides quick access to new, relevant job postings since the user last searched for a specific job. With this feature, job seekers can quickly tell whether new listings are available.


The recipe activity cards make meal planning easier. Now, Google is updating the card to show more relevant recipes that are based on queries.

For example, when you search for chicken recipes, Google will surface the related recipes you recently visited. The search engine will also provide a thumbnail preview to make it easier to select the right recipe.

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