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Learn 10 Facebook Video Insights to Make Your Content Better



Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your video campaigns on Facebook by understanding the most important metrics.

As we’ve told you before, video still drives the most engagement on Facebook. This is a trend that is only projected to get bigger as the social media giant gears toward a video-first platform.

What’s more, we’ve already covered how to use video to create next level content so that you, too, can take advantage of this trend.

However, creating and sharing videos on Facebook on its own isn’t enough. You must dive into the data to see exactly how your campaigns are performing. By doing so, you’ll understand:

  • which video content resonates well with your audience,
  • how much time they are spending on your videos,
  • and lots more.

This will improve your video creation and marketing process in order to get the best results from your campaigns.

Luckily, Facebook has an awesome tool called “Insights” which gives an up-to-date performance metrics of all your posts. Understanding these metrics can be a bit confusing at first.

Fortunately for you, we’ve taken our time to explain what each of them means in this post.

To see your video metrics on your Facebook page, click on “Videos“. On the top right, you’ll notice “Video Insights“. From there you can click on any video to get insights on performance.

Edgy Labs Facebook Page
Edgy Labs Page | Facebook

Definition of Metrics:

Facebook Video Metrics
Video Post Performance Metrics | Edgy Labs | Facebook

1. Minutes Viewed

“Minutes viewed” aggregates the total time that users have spent watching your video. Pay attention to the length of time watched versus the length of the video.

With all of these metrics, be ready to answer questions like:

  • At which point in the video do people stop watching?
  • Are people skipping around the video?
  • Are the Intros/Outros too much or too little?

2. Video Views

This number indicates the total number of people who’ve watched your video for more than 3 secs. This typically means people who mistakenly clicked your video and closed it or scrolled past your video with autoplay enabled are not included.

3. 10-Second Views

This metric gives you a more accurate picture of actual viewers because it captures viewers who stayed on your video for at least 10 secs. Typically, it’s a lesser number than video views.

4. Video Average Watch Time

This metrics is the total view time divided by the total number of views(including replays). It gives you the average time a viewer spent on your video.

5. Average Percent Watched

This metric shows on average, how long a video was watched by viewers expressed as a percentage.

Average Percentage Watched
Average Percentage Watched | Edgy Labs | Facebook

6. Audience Retention

This visualizes the various lengths at which viewers dropped off from a video.

7. Reach

Just like post reach, reach shows you the total number of people who happened upon your video on Facebook.

Facebook Video Metrics
Audience and Engagement | Edgy Labs | Facebook

8. Sound On

This metric shows you how many viewers watched your video with sound on or off. This is a metric you would want to pay attention to if your video has a voice over narrative because it’ll give you an idea of how many people actually viewed your content in the way you envisioned.

Facebook Video Metrics
Sound On Metric | Edgy Labs | Facebook

9. Clicks

  • Clicks to Play: The number of times users clicked on your video to start playing it. This doesn’t include autoplays.
  • Link Clicks: If you included a link in your video, this will show you the number of times that link was clicked.
  • Other Clicks: Include all other clicks like see more videos or page title clicks.
Facebook Video Metrics
Reaction and Clicks | Edgy Labs | Facebook

10. Reactions, Comments & Shares

As pictured above, this metric is a total of all interactions and shares of your video. It includes all engagements on main video as well as shares of the video.

It also includes all engagements that have even been deleted. For example, if a viewer likes your video and later unlikes it, the initial like is included in this metric.

Have you worked with these metrics before? Which ones have you found to be the most helpful?

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