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15 Tips to get Followers and Grow Your Instagram Account

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Look to get followers to your Instagram account? Here are 15 tips that will help you improve your Instagram and draw in the Instafame.

Instagram recently announced that they’ve grown to over 700 million monthly active users with the last 100 million users joining faster than ever. This makes Instagram one of the goldmines for marketers to drill, and Edgy Labs shows you how.

With this information, we can say Instagram is only a few “millies” shy from hitting the “billie” mark. Just like every other social media, Instagram is constantly changing and marketers have to constantly adapt to these new changes.

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Here are 15 Tips to get Followers and Grow Your Instagram Account:

1. Create a Consistent Theme

Your theme will help guide you to what and when to post it. Once you settle on a theme, stay consistent. Changing themes regularly will be disastrous for your account.

Your followers won’t really know what you’re about and will likely unfollow you.

2. Talk Directly to Your Followers

Your followers are real people who love to be engaged. Develop a habit of responding to their comments and answering their questions.

This will encourage them to comment more and ask questions on your posts.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

We cannot emphasize this enough. 

Hashtags are a unique way to reach more audience on Instagram. Using good, relevant hashtags for your posts mean your posts will likely be seen by a broader targeted audience who aren’t your followers.

A bad way to use hashtags is to use a hashtag relevant to cars for a post about foodies. Sometimes these terms can be easily confused. For example: #Mustang instead of #Mustangrestaurant where you’re eating at a delicious delicatessen named Mustang or trying a local sushi joint’s “Mustang” roll, but your post gets lost in a thread about Ford Mustang muscle car enthusiasts. 

Going further, don’t use #muscle instead of #musclecar or your Ford Mustang pictures might end up on a page about Crossfit (you really don’t want that).

4. Post More and Stay Consistent to get Followers

According to a report by Tailwind, accounts who posted more than 7x a week on Instagram had an average of 13,677 likes per month compared to 4,383 average likes per month for accounts which posted 1 – 6x per week.

5. Take Advantage of Stories

Instagram stories have been a huge success since launch.

Not only do they provide you a new way to create unique content for your audience, they also give you a chance to be recommended on Explore page on Instagram.

6. Try Videos

Instagram allows three 60-second videos. Try videos *NSFW* as part of your content strategy.

7. Go Live

We are in the era of live video. Your fans want a peek into what goes on behind the scenes of your brand.

Use Instagram live video to give your fans an uncut and unedited feed of your brand activities. Use the opportunity to ask them to invite their friends to watch the live video.

This will drive engagement on your account and also increase your followers.

8. Strike a Promotional Partnership Deal

Everyone wants more. Reach out to other Instagram accounts in your niche. Propose a deal to promote their account on yours whilst they do the same. This will allow both of you to gain some new followers.

9. Engage Your Competitors’ Accounts

Your competitors’ followers are your potential customers.

By leaving thoughtful comments, responding to questions and genuinely adding to a meaningful conversation on your competitors’ posts, their followers are likely to appreciate your effort and check out your Instagram account.

10. Tap Into Your Followers’ Networks

Your followers have friends on Instagram. Tap into their network by making posts that ask them to tag their friends. Their friends will check out the posts which will result in more engagement and growth of your account.

11. Ask Questions to Stir up Engagement

Growing an Instagram account is not just about building a following. Engage your followers by asking relevant questions.

12. Use the Right Filter

According to a report by researchers from Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs, photos with filters are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on than photos without filters.

13. Use Emojis in Your Captions

Emojis are great for conveying emotions or showing affection in written statements. Use emojis in your caption and comments to increase engagement with your following.

14. Tag Big Accounts Relevant to Your Posts

Take a truly compelling photograph and tag it to a relevant person or company’s Instagram account. There’s a chance they’ll notice and might repost your Instagram to their fans–with credit.

15. Automate

It gets overwhelming to scale your Instagram marketing efforts manually. Using tools like Followliker, you can automate your Instagram marketing efforts to grow your account.

Did we miss something that would help get followers to your Instagram account? Let us know in the comments.

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