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15 Tips to get Followers and Grow Your Instagram Account

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TY Lim /

Main Takeaways:

  • You can create your Instagram account via mobile or desktop.
  • Select a theme for your Instagram post and stick with it.
  • The bio section is a great way to share content.
  • Develop a habit of talking to your followers.
  • Interactive elements such as @mentions, hashtags, or poll stickers can enrich Stories.
  • Rather than focus on the number of videos or pictures you upload per day, the upload time is key.
  • Use Instagram Live video to give your fans an uncut and unedited feed of your brand activities.
  • Use the “Find People to Follow” feature to import friends from Facebook.
  • Your competitors’ followers are also your potential customers.
  • Use relevant hashtags to find the audience who aren’t following you.
  • Add captions to your posts to increase engagement.
  • Emojis can transform your caption from “meh” to awesome.
  • Tags provide a great way to draw attention to your post.
  • Automate when you can.

An active Instagram account has become an essential aspect of most businesses’ social media marketing strategy.

As of June 2018, Instagram had reached one billion active usersEighty percent of these people follow at least one business. What’s more, 72 percent of Instagram users reported purchasing after seeing the product on the app.

Whether you’re a brand, influencer, or advertisers., it’s safe to say that your audience is actively using the photo-sharing app. There’s just one thing.

Like most other social networking sites, Instagram’s algorithm is continually changing. Keeping up with these changes can be tasking for even the most dedicated marketers.

That’s where this post comes in. In this article, we’ll consider some tips to help you grow your Instagram account and ways to increase your followers.

But before we delve into the details, let’s first tackle how to create your Instagram account.

How to Create a New Instagram Account?

How to Create a New Instagram Account?
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Download the Instagram app from the Google Play or App Store, then tap to open it.

You will get the option to sign up via phone number or email, and both will require a confirmation code. You can also log into your Facebook account — if you have one — to sign up on Instagram.

Another option is to visit using your computer browser. Click the Signup icon and enter your email address. After that, you have to create a new username and password to continue.

Now that you have an Instagram account, how do you increase your followers?

15 Tips to get Followers and Grow Your Instagram Account

1. Create a Consistent Theme

Fifty percent of Instagrammers use the Explore feature every month, and that’s not surprising.

Explore provides a way to check out new interests outside the account they already follow. These include Food, Art, Travel, Shopping, and Sports, to name a few.

That’s why it’s essential to create a consistent theme and stick with it. If your brand is focusing on food, your photo and videos, stories, as well as IGTV videos, should reflect this interest.

Your theme will help guide you to what and when to post it. Besides, regularly changing themes can confuse your followers.

2. Fill Out Your Bio

Your bio tells potential followers about your account. For example, a bio that reads, “I’m a travel blogger,” says expect many pictures and videos of places, culture, and people.

You can also include your website link in your bio. Instagram only allows users to promote one link. So, take advantage of the opportunity, and link it to your store or business website.

The bio section is a great way to share content. For example, you can use your bio to share your latest article.

3. Talk Directly to Your Followers

Every month, more than 150 million people use Instagram Direct to communicate directly with a business.

Your followers are real people who love to be engaged. So, you should develop a habit of responding to their comments and answering their questions.

Along with encouraging them to comment more and ask questions on your posts, regular interaction can also increase brand loyalty.

4. Time Your Post

Posting more frequently on Instagram is not correlated with higher engagement. So, rather than focus on the number of videos or pictures you upload per day, the upload time is vital.

According to reports, the best times to post on Instagram are Wednesdays at 11 am, or Fridays between 10 am, and 11 am. Also, posts that include faces tend to get 38 percent more likes than those without faces.

5. Take Advantage of Stories


Instagram Stories have been a massive success since launch.

Currently, more than 500 million accounts on Instagram are viewing Stories daily. Furthermore, 33 percent of the most-viewed stories on the photo-sharing platform is created by businesses.

That’s because Stories provide a way to create unique content for your audience. Also, it gives you a chance to be recommended on the Explore page on Instagram.

When creating Instagram Stories, consider adding interactive elements such as @mentions, hashtags, or poll stickers.

6. Try Videos

Videos on Instagram receive about 21.2 percent more engagement than single photos and 18.6 percent more engagement than carousels.

Based on this statistic, posting videos on the social media platform should be a no-brainer. An Instagram video can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds long, and you can upload it from your phone.

Find out more about how to create compelling Instagram videos here.

7. Go Live

We are in the era of Live video streaming. Your fans want a peek into what goes on behind the scenes of your brand.

Use Instagram Live video to give your fans an uncut and unedited feed of your brand activities. It provides an opportunity to ask them to invite their friends to watch the live video.

This will drive engagement on your account and also increase your followers.

8. Start Following People

Instagram makes it easy for new users to connect with the audience that they already know. This is especially true when you linked your account with Facebook.

Use the “Find People to Follow” feature to import friends from Facebook and start following them. Also, consider using the Explore section to meet and follow new people. There’s a high chance that some of these people will follow back.

With that said, use this method with caution. The goal here is to have more people following you that you follow.

9. Engage Competitors’ Instagram Account

Your competitors’ followers are also your potential customers. As such, you need to engage with their account.

The process is not as complicated as you might imagine. From a thoughtful comment to responding to questions, the goal is to add a meaningful conversation to your competitors’ posts.

In the end, their followers will appreciate your effort and check out your account.

10. Like a Bunch of Posts

One way to grow your followers on Instagram is to like many posts related to your niche.

For example, if you’re a food blogger, search for related hashtags, and start liking posts. The account owners will notice how you interact with their posts, and this could compel them to follow you.

11. Use Relevant Hashtags

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Instagram posts with high engagement have an average of 5.44 hashtag.

Hashtags are a unique way to reach more audience on Instagram. Using right, relevant hashtags for your posts mean your posts will likely be seen by a broader targeted audience who aren’t your followers.

A wrong way to use hashtags is to use a hashtag relevant to cars for a post about food. Sometimes these terms can be easily confused.

For example, you could use #Mustang instead of #Mustangrestaurant to indicate that you’re eating at a restaurant named Mustang. But, your post will become lost in a thread about Ford Mustang muscle car enthusiasts.

Going further, don’t use #muscle instead of #musclecar. Otherwise, your Ford Mustang pictures might end up on a page about Crossfit. You don’t want that to happen.

12. Add Captions to Your Posts

Merely posting a photo or video on Instagram won’t always attract the engagement you want. You have to add the right caption to go with it.

Writing captions for your post is almost as relevant as the picture or video that you’re uploading. So, take your time choosing the right tone and keep it short.

You can also ask questions to generate engagement and get people to comment on the post.

13. Use Emojis in Your Captions

According to a recent study, emojis lead to 47.7 percent more interaction on Instagram.

Emojis are great for conveying emotions or showing affection in written statements. When used correctly, emojis can transform your caption from “meh” to excellent.

The rule here is simple — only use an emoji when it makes sense.

Your goal is to connect with your followers and communicate directly. One way to score that recognition point is by including popular emojis such as “okay” 👌, clapping 👏, and strong 💪 in your post.

You may also want to consider facial expressions such as heart eyes 😍, “kiss 😘 and face with tears of joy 😂.

14. Tag Instagram Accounts Relevant to Your Posts

Tags provide a great way to draw attention to your post. You potentially get an extra 0.5-1 likes for every user tagged on an Instagram post.

So, take a genuinely compelling photograph and tag it to a relevant person or company’s Instagram account. There’s a chance they’ll notice and might repost your Instagram to their fans–with credit.

You could add the tags at the end of your caption if you’re using a few. However, as the number of tags increases, you may want to insert them in the comment section.

For example, you could post a picture and comment on it with your tags.

15. Use Automation When You Can

It gets overwhelming to scale your Instagram marketing efforts manually. That’s where automation comes in.

Several social media automation tools can help save time and effort on your several activities on Instagram. These include post scheduling, commenting, likes, following, direct messaging, to name a few.

Again, you may want to use the automation tool cautiously. That’s because Instagram will notice if you unfollow 1,000 users per day. The key is to make the activity as natural as possible.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Account

Quality Stock Arts /

Can you Have Two Instagram Accounts?

Yes, you can add as many as five Instagram accounts without logging out and logging back in. Instead, you’ll switch in between the accounts right within the app. Browse to the Settings option within the app, then tap Add Account. Note that the feature is only available on version 7.15 app and above for iOS and Android.

Can you Browse Instagram Without an Account?

Most of the features on the Instagram app are also available on the web version. That means you only need to visit the website and type the person’s username in the search box. For example, to see Robert Downey Jr’s account, type in the address bar and hit enter. Remember, you must have a username in mind to browse Instagram without an account.

Can Someone tell if you Look at Their Instagram Account?

Well, yes and no! Instagram has never notified users when someone visits their account or views one of their photos. But, Instagram Stories is a little different. Instagram Stories lets users post pictures and videos that vanish after 24 hours. It’s mostly a way to share specific moments of a day with your followers. It also provides a list of users that viewed the story.

How do I Permanently Delete My Instagram Account?

You can’t delete your Instagram account from within the app. Instead, you have to go to the “Delete Your Account” page on the web version using a mobile or computer browser.

After that, select the reason for deleting your account from the dropdown menu, and re-enter your password. The option to permanently delete the account should come up, tap to continue.

Note that Instagram can’t reactivate deleted accounts. It also means you can’t sign up again with the same username or add that username to another account.

Read More: Sites May Need Permission To Embed Instagram Photos

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