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Top IBM Watson Scientist Headlines AI Europe: Agenda, Schedule, and Other Details

AI Europe |

AI Europe |

The AI Europe conference is coming back for an even more ambitious second year.

After the December 2016 success of the first AI Europe conference, the event is now coming back for a second edition. This time, the event’s primary objective is to provide a more comprehensive panorama of opportunities, perspectives, and technologies and to bring together the International AI ecosystem.

This year’s AI Europe will be kicking off today and will run for two days at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London.

The event will provide participants with answers to the main technological and strategical issues faced by artificial intelligence nowadays. Participants will also be able to discover the latest approaches and methods to the development of AI together with different economic models and technologies already included in contemporary companies.

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This AI conference also presents an excellent opportunity for the event participants to meet and collaborate with AI’s stakeholders such as market leaders, pioneers, startups, end users, research institutes, thought leaders, and many more.

AI Europe: Speakers

AI Europe 2017 will be attended by over 2000 participants from different parts of Europe and the world. The attendees will have the chance to meet and connect with some of the world’s top strategists, decision makers, and influencers from different sectors of the global market.

This year, the event will receive its opening keynote from Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Vice President of Cognitive Process Transformation at IBM Watson. Desbiolles has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector and has led innovative, cross-industry and breakthrough projects. His primary focus is on driving the reinvention of financial institutions through AI, digital, Internet of Things, and advanced analytics capabilities.

Aside from Desbiolles, there are more than 60 speakers that will grace the stage of AI Europe 2017 including:

  • Saleh Abukmeil, Senior Manager Systems, Taylor Wessing
  • Antoine Amann, Founder and CEO, Echobox
  • Giacomo Barigazzi, COO, Axyon AI
  • Paul Baron, Principal Product Manager, Snips
  • Robert Bogucki, Chief Science Officer, DeepSense.AI
  • Christophe Bourguignant, Co-Founder and CEO, Zelros
  • Dr. Tobias Braugtigam, Councel, Bird & Bird
  • Stefan Britton, Chief Commercial Officer, Phrasee
  • Peter Borwn, Group Manager Technology Policy, ICO
  • Matthew Buskell, Head of customer and Partner Engagement, Rainbird
  • Calum Chace, Writer, Chairman of the conference
  • Jean-Philippe Collin, Chief Procurement Officer, Sanofi
  • Frédéric Daniel, COO and Partner, Allo Media
  • Jonathan Darbey, Head of Data Capture, Abby UK
  • Emilie Gariel, Chief Operations & Marketing Officer, Brennus Analytics
  • Thomas Gogar, Co-Founder, Rossum.AI

For a full list of speakers, you may click here.

AI Europe: Agendas

November 20th

  • Industrialization of AI in Business – Beyond theory
  • Businesses must prepare for the ethical consequences of AI systems
  • Frameworks galore… which one to pick, for what type of use case?
  • Ensuring the future of your business: why every company should invest in AI
  • AI for Telecom: from reactive to pro-active networks
  • Voice control: the next big thing
  • Why conversational bots disappoint and how to build better ones
  • Ethics and Trust in Chatbots, Virtual Assistants and Avatars
  • Cognitive Reasoning: add your wisdom to AI and watch your solution generate marketing opportunities
  • Using AI-driven capture and robotics to process vendor information in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

November 21st

  • Building an AI platform in the company
  • Leading an AI strategy and its implementation in banking: overview of the benefits and challenges
  • The rise of automation: heading towards a new generation of purchase managers
  • Preparing for GDPR: is your organization ready?
  • Predictive maintenance and AI applied to plant and equipment
  • Using AI to transform Business documents into Business value
  • AI and the two singularities: current perspectives
  • Image processing and deep learning techniques applied to retail analytics
  • AI to improve the accuracy of fraud protection and cyber-security
  • Closing remarks

To register and get a full pass to AI Europe’s conference and exhibition, click here.

Are you attending AI Europe 2017? What are your expectations? Let us know in the comments section below!

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