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Biggest Announcements From Apple Developer Conference 2018

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2018’s Apple developer conference kicked off yesterday in San Jose, California with loads of announcements. Here are the highlights.

The highly anticipated Apple developer conference, WWDC 2018, kicked off yesterday with Apple CEO Tim Cook‘s keynote speech where many of the company’s tech updates were announced. If you were not able to attend or watch the event, here are some of the major Apple announcements that you need to know.

The iOS 12

The company has announced the arrival of its next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 12. The new iOS is set to enhance the performance and responsiveness of the company’s line of smartphone devices. Some of its features include group Facetime, live improvements to Siri, new Animoji, and updates that will expand iPhone’s augmented reality capabilities.

ARKit 2

The company also showcased the new ARKit 2 during the Apple developer conference. The tech giant’s ARKit development platform also received several updates. For instance, it will allow a new app called Measure to combine the digital and physical world by letting people use AR to determine the actual size of objects. This could be done by just dragging a finger across the objects once the camera is pointed at them. Apple also announced that they have partnered with Pixar to develop a new file format for sharing augmented reality content.

Photos App Improvements

Iphone’s Photos app also gets an update. The app is now equipped with an enhanced search option and a “For You” tab that would give suggestions on what you can potentially do with your photos after saving them. Some of the suggestions include making looped Live Photo or utilizing machine learning to identify the people in your photos so you can share them. However, the latter would require users to use the iCloud Photo Library for better storage settings.

WatchOS 5

During the Apple developer conference yesterday, the company has introduced other features that will be included in its next-generation of Apple Watch operating system. The new WatchOS 5 will be equipped with workout settings for activities like hiking and yoga, automatic workout detection, and some challenges for friends. It will also have a Siri shortcut and a walkie-talkie feature.

MacOS Mojave

The latest update to the Mac operating system, Mojave, was also announced at the WWDC 2018. Mojave will allegedly bring tons of significant updates to Mac laptops like the “dark mode” feature which will allow users to dim some elements on their screen. It will also include some tools for organizing applications, a new method to view files in Finder, and an intelligent means of stacking documents.

Siri Update

Apple’s intelligent voice assistant, Siri, also received an update. It will now have a new feature called “Shortcut” which could be integrated with other apps to build customized voice commands. Some of the things that Siri could now do include making suggestions from the lock screen. It could also let you know the nearest landmarks within your vicinity and could remind you to inform your colleagues if you are running late for a meeting.

Are you excited to try these new updates announced at the Apple developer conference?

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