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Broad Core Algorithm Updates Don't Affect Search Console Data

duangphorn wiriya /

duangphorn wiriya /

Publishers use the Google Search Console to get an overview of keyword traffic, indexing problems, and other information. This tool is particularly useful during a Google algorithm update.

Information from the Google Search Console can help identify any ranking improvements or issues during such an update. That’s why the search console mustn’t experience reporting lags.

But, a search marketer noted that this occurs every time Google announces a broad core algorithm update.

A core algorithm update usually causes a flux in ranking and traffic data. Since search rankings are changing, it seems intuitive that the change might reflect a lag in Google Search Console reporting.

His tweet reads:

“Core algorithm updates seem to create a lag in delivering search console data. It’s an interesting pattern.”

Here’s Google’s John Mueller‘s response.

Broad Core Algorithm Update and Search Console Data Lag

Mueller responded that it’s unrelated. According to the webmaster trend analyst at Google, there’s no connection between broad core algorithm updates and search console data.

“It’s unrelated, but the lag is always awkward. Sorry,” he said.

The response suggests that whatever lag may occur in search console data, it’s not caused by any specific broad core algorithm update.

Also, Mueller’s response is a reminder that Google tends to separate its search algorithm from other parts. For example, experts haven’t found a link between Google’s site: search and the ranking algorithm.

The search operators are entirely separate from the ranking algorithm. Likewise, Google’s search console data, such as traffic volume, indexing issues, etc. are unrelated to Google’s algorithm updates.

Even if I could manually adjust the reporting speed on demand, it seems kind of a weird thing to do, even as a joke :),” Mueller added.

Haha, one day delay, as a joke” — Twitter’s weird enough that I don’t need to make things weirder for us on purpose (aside from the bananas, obviously).

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