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Edgy Exclusive: The CES 2019 Tech Startup Finalists

Here we bring you everything you need to know about the CES Eureka Park Event today. | Image By James Mattil | Shutterstock

Here we bring you everything you need to know about the CES Eureka Park Event today. | Image By James Mattil | Shutterstock

Here are CES 2019’s top 22 tech startup finalists that will compete in this year’s Extreme Tech Challenge and the ShowStoppers’ LaunchIt competition.

There’s only one more day to go before the official opening of CES 2019, the event that will bring together thousands of prominent brands and thriving consumer tech businesses to showcase their latest innovations. Every year, Eureka Park is the number one place for promising startups to get a piece of the CES action.

This year, 22 tech startups will take center stage at Eureka Park to pitch for their respective technologies. Ten of the startups will compete for the top 3 spots of Richard Branson’s Xtreme Tech Challenge (XTC) on January 10th. The other twelve startup companies were selected to pitch at the ShowStoppers’ LaunchIt event happening today.

Here are the 22 startups that you should watch out for at Eureka Park.

Eureka Park: Xtreme Tech Challenge

This year’s Xtreme Tech Challenge semi-finalists came from six countries across the globe (Sweden, Australia, Turkey, Thailand, Switzerland, and the United States). Each company representative will have the opportunity to pitch and convince the competition judges. Here are this year’s finalists:


ActiveProtective is a Philadelphia-based startup company who developed a hip protector for the elderly using wearable airbags. The device monitors the movement of the wearer on a daily basis. It also alerts caregivers if the airbags are deployed, promoting safer mobility for older adults.


Switzerland-based BitLumens will showcase its blockchain technology that’s specifically designed to provide decentralized power to remote communities that are not connected to any power line. The company will use blockchain to provide subscribers with a credit score and also offer affordable solar home systems.

Civic Eagle

Civic Eagle is a SaaS company based in Atlanta who developed an AI system to track, identify, and analyze legislation and regulations for organizations to reduce time and cost on applications and work processes.


Another Swedish company, Einride will promote its autonomous electric trucks called T-pods. The T-pods, equipped with artificial intelligence and an emission-free engine, could be the safe, clean, and cost-efficient transport of the future.


Boston-based Elevian has reportedly developed a regenerative medicine which could potentially prevent age-related diseases and extend the average human lifespan. Elevian’s medical innovation takes advantage of the human body’s regenerative capacity.

Last of Ours

The only Asian company in the list, Thailand-based Last of Ours, who advocates for the protection of endangered species around the world, created a digital mirror on a blockchain system. Each token represents a real endangered animal living in the wild.


The Australian company Liven is a rewards-based lifestyle payment platform which utilizes blockchain technology to connect users, merchants, and charities. Liven aims to provide everyone with a seamless payment experience.


Lynq, which hails from New York, developed a technology that can allegedly offer a secure location without mobile phones, networks, or infrastructures. The company aims to provide a new level of reliability, safety, and privacy that will go beyond convenience and peace of mind.


Houston-based startup re:3D is using its 3D technology to provide the world with affordable 3D industrial printers. The company is currently in search of alternative materials to use in 3D printing while exploring the other potential applications of the technology.


WeWALK, an Istanbul-founded startup company, developed a smart cane for visually impaired individuals. The company’s invention hopes to improve the independence and safety of visually impaired people through features like smartphone connection, obstacle detection, and app integrations.

Eureka Park: ShowStoppers’ LaunchIt

Each of the semi-finalists for this year’s ShowStoppers’ will have five minutes to pitch at the LaunchIt event. A quick Q&A portion will then follow, allowing the public to learn more about the startup teams and products. The winning company will receive complimentary exhibition space at the press reception of ShowStoppers at CES tomorrow. They will also receive a one-day consultation with the technology PR agency, Media Strategies. Here’s a full list of all the semi-finalists at this year’s LaunchIt event:


California-based FenSens will discuss its wireless parking sensor hidden in a license plate holder. The sensor, which can be installed in under five minutes, aims to help drivers parallel park.

Loop Earplugs

Belgium-based Loop Earplugs are the first round-shaped earplugs specifically designed for music. The device has a built-in acoustic channel and filter that can provide a 20 decibel equal sound reduction across all frequencies.


Mitte, from Germany, developed a smart home water system that can purify and enhance water through a process based on the natural water cycle. The device cleans the water first with a proprietary distillation-based method then adds essential minerals which improve the water.

3D Technologies

3D Technologies from the United Kingdom will talk about their product Moasure, the world’s first motion-based measurement. The technology uses sensors and a proprietary algorithm to conduct measurements in 1D, 2D, and 3D.

Padrone Design

Swiss startup Padrone Design will showcase its EasySMX Ring Mouse, a next-gen wearable that can turn any flat surface into an infinite touchpad. The company uses artificial intelligence to turn its beautifully crafted rings into input devices for computers and AR glasses.


London-based financial technology company Pigzbe developed a hand-held ‘piggy-wallet’ to teach children age six and above the building blocks of modern money management like saving, earning, and budgeting. Pigzbe is based on blockchain technology and utilizes the digital currency Wollo.

QT Medical

QT Medical, a California-based medical device startup, will present the world’s most compact 12-lead ECG system, the QT ECG. This is a digital, wireless, and mobile-friendly device optimized for high-risk patients who just experienced an artery bypass graft surgery or percutaneous coronary intervention. It is also available for at home patients with chronic heart failure and arrhythmias.


Tempdrop, from Israel, created the first wearable smart thermometer that can accurately read the body temperature of women for pregnancy and contraception purposes. It uses advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms to arrive at an accurate body temperature reading.

Waverly Labs

Waverly Labs is a consumer products company based in New York who aims to bridge global communications by building a world without language barriers. The company plans to do this using Pilot. Pilot is a specially designed pair of earbuds that captures speech and translates into 15 languages and 42 dialects.


Waycare developed a platform that will allow municipalities to capitalize on the massive amount of data coming from different transportation modes like autonomous vehicles. The California-based startup wants to shape the future of city mobility by using in-vehicle information and local traffic data to make predictive insights and optimize traffic management.


Kentucky-based WeatherCheck is a monitoring service that notifies property owners and managers about any damaging weather condition before it even hits. The company also has a database to help people check if properties have undetected damage from previous weather events. It can then notify users if these damages could be covered by insurance policy. WeatherCheck’s goal is to help property owners save thousands on damage repairs.


The French startup, Y-Brush, developed a smart auto-cleaning electronic toothbrush that deep cleans teeth the way dentists suggest in just 10 seconds. The electric toothbrush uses sonic vibrating technology based on the Bass-Method of brushing that the American Dental Association recommends.

Who among the startups presenting at Eureka Park during CES 2019 is your choice?

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