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Core Updates Also Apply to Google Discover, Says Mueller

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According to Google‘s John Mueller, core algorithm updates impacts Google Discover along with web search results.

In 2017, Google launched Discover to surface relevant content to web users, even when they’re not searching.

However, the information feed has grown tremendously since then. According to a 2018 report, more than 800 million people use Discover monthly to remain up-to-date on their interests.

A recent Google document also highlighted the primary differences between Search and Discover. Nevertheless, site owners and SEOs had always wondered whether core algorithm updates also impacts the latter.

That was the topic of discussion in the January 22 Google Search Central office hours stream.

An SEO, Chandan Kumar, noted that algorithm updates that impact his referral traffic from Search also caused fluctuations in Discover traffic. So, Kumar wanted to understand the link between Search and Discover.

Here’s Mueller’s response.

Mueller on How Core Updates Affect Discover

According to Mueller, Google sees Discover as part of search results rather than a separate component. As a result, it relies on the same quality algorithms as Search.

He explained:

“We do use a number of the same quality algorithms in Discover as we use in web search. When a broad core update happens in web search, it’s very common that you would also see changes in Discover as well. So, that’s certainly not totally unrelated.”

Mueller’s answer highlights the link between Discover and Search.

While Discover may exist outside of the regular search results, it’s content still comes from the same index as web search. As such, it’s unnecessary for SEOs and site owners to optimize their content for the information feed.

We see Discover as almost a part of Search,” says Mueller.So it’s not something that we would say is completely independent and uses separate algorithms and everything.

Before now, Google had told SEOs and site owners that core algorithm updates “may” affect Google Discover. But, Mueller’s answer has made things even clearer.

Core updates do impact Discover. What’s more, the likelihood of it happening is high.

Here’s the full question and answer: 

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