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Edgy presents to you some actionable tactics to get more social media shares for your next piece of content.

Do you want your readers to share your content more?

Are you looking to increase the social media presence of your brand through a wider reach?

Here are 5 Ways to Get More Social Media Shares:

1. Write Shareable Headlines

You only have one shot at capturing the attention of your readers. Whether or not readers click through and engage your content depends on your headline.

It won’t matter if you have the most fantastic content. People won’t read it if they don’t find the headline captivating enough.

In the same way, your readers are more likely to share your content if your headline is compelling enough. You must spend time crafting enticing headlines for your content. Lists, how-tos, and guides are proven to be excellent headline materials.

We’ve covered how to write great headlines in this blog post.

2. Craft Content Around Trending Topics

When researching topics or ideas for content, it is crucial to find out what’s trending in your niche. The trending or top-performing content in your industry will give you an idea of what goes into creating successful content.

For example, if the best performing posts are infographics, you should consider creating infographics too because they have the best chance of being shared a lot.

Buzzsumo is an excellent tool you can use for this purpose.

With Buzzsumo, you can search for keywords or key phrases related to your niche, and you’ll see all the top-performing posts for that query within a stipulated time period.

Buzzsumo even shows you a breakdown of shares by social media platforms, which is great because it helps you to know which content does well on which platform.

With the information Buzzsumo provides, you can easily find the kind of topics that will get more social media shares.

3. Invite Influencers to Contribute to Your Next Post

Influencers can drive an unimaginable amount of traffic and shares to your content. They have huge followings who value their opinions. Their audience sees content shared by them as recommendations, which in turn share it with their network as well.

Having influencers as part of your content is a great way to get their attention and ultimately to share your content with their following.

Influencers are always looking out for opportunities to share their knowledge as well. This presents an excellent opportunity to get them to contribute to your content.

Here are a few ideas on how to get influencers to be part of your next piece of content:

  • Ask for their opinion on new trends and technologies
  • Interview them about their career
  • Ask them for quotes
  • Ask them for tool recommendations
  • Find influencers with similar interests to the content of your posts

4. Post Content When Your Audience Is Most Active

You have a better chance of getting more reach and shares if you time your posts to when your readers are most active online. To know the best times to share your content, you first need to know the demographics of your audience.

If you have Google Analytics implemented for your website, you can quickly get this information.

Hubspot and Coschedule have both done significant research into the best times to post on social media. A combination of this information and your demographics will help guide to as to when to make posts that’ll make the most impact.

We also have resources on the best times to post for the following platforms:

5. Ask Your Readers to Share

This is a no-brainer. Including a call-to-action (CTA) can get your readers to perform actions they otherwise wouldn’t have. If you want your readers to share your content, you can ask them at the end of the content. This is also an excellent way to gather emails for a newsletter.

You necessarily have to wait until the end of the content to ask your readers to share. With tools like click to tweet, you can get your readers to tweet shareable bits of your content as they read.

It is also important you make it easy for readers to share your content. Asking them to share without providing an easy way to share won’t get you the desired results.

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