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Google Introduces More Fact Check Feature to Image Search

Kvitka Fabian /

Kvitka Fabian /

Over the years, Google has introduced new features to make Image Search more useful beyond just the image.

For example, users can search within the images using Lens, while the Related Image feature allows searchers to explore similar ideas. Also, Google introduced a fact check label to image search results last month.

The label appears underneath the thumbnail of photos. So, tapping on any of the images for a large preview provides a summary of the webpage’s information.

Now, the search and advertising giant is adding a new feature to help users learn more about what they see on Google Images.

In a blog post announcement, Software Engineer at Google Search, Angela Wu said:

“Starting this week, a new feature makes it easy to find quick facts about what you see on Google Images.”

Here’s how it works.

Knowledge Panel Expanders on Image Search

Searching for an image on mobile in the U.S. now surfaces more information related to the result.

For example, tapping on a specific photo expands to show a short description of the person, place, or thing it references. There’s also a link to enable users to learn more about the related topic.

Thanks to this feature, searchers can better understand the images they’re viewing. What’s more, the information will allow users to assess whether a web page is relevant to their query.

Google sources the photo in Google Images from all over the web. However, the corresponding fact for each image comes from the Knowledge Graph. So, publishers have little control over the information that appears under their images in search results.

But there’s a bright side.

The information that Google provides about images could potentially drive more clicks to the source. That means you can receive more traffic from Image Search if your content appears in a knowledge panel.

For now, the feature is only available to mobile users in the United States. But that could change soon.

“This feature will start to appear on some images of people, places, and things in Google Images and will expand to more images, languages, and surfaces over time,” says Google.

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