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Google Officially Moves the Rich Results Test out of Beta

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The Rich Results Test provides a more accurate representation of how the search result displays a page. It also allows site owners to test structured data within dynamically loaded content.

Google first introduced the tool back in 2017. At the time, it only had support for four types of structured data — jobs, movies, recipes, and courses.

As a result, site owners still required Google’s Structured Data Testing tool to test any other type of markup.

However, the Rich Results Test has evolved over the past three years. Now, it supports all types of markups that the Google search result also supports.

Since site owners no longer need both tools, it only makes sense that Google would deprecate the older one. And that’s what the search and advertising giant is doing.

Yesterday, Google announced that the Rich Result Test is finally out of beta testing. The company also shared its intention to deprecate the Structured Data Testing Tool.

In a blog post announcement, Search Console Product Manager at Google, Moshe Samet wrote:

“Today, we are announcing that the Rich Results Test fully supports all Google Search rich result features – it’s out of beta 🥳. In addition, we are preparing to deprecate the Structured Data Testing Tool.”

There’s more.

The Benefit of Rich Results Test over Structured Data Testing Tool

Unlike the older tool, the Rich Results Test shows which Search feature enhancement are valid for the markup you’re providing. Also, it can handle dynamically loaded structured data more effectively.

Along with being fully aligned with Search Console reports, the tool also renders both mobile and desktop versions of a result. Using the Rich Results Test to test a code snippet or a URL can also return errors and warnings that Google detected on the page.

Samet also pointed out:

“Note that errors disqualify your page from showing up as a rich result. While warnings might limit the appearance, your page is still eligible for showing up as a rich result.”

For example, if the tool issues a warning about a missing image property, the page should still appear as a rich result. But, it would be missing an image.

For now, the Structured Data Testing tool will still be available. However, Google recommends using a more recent tool to test and validate your structured data henceforth.

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