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Google Launches new Interactive 3D Display Ad Format

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Google has launched a new ad format that will enable advertisers to create interactive 3D sequences. Called Swirl display format, this new feature allows people to tap ad objects displayed in 3D formats, then spin or zoom them in.

In a statement, Google Marketing’s Product Manager for Display & Video 360, Rashi Verma, said:

“Swirl is a new immersive display format designed for mobile web and available on Display & Video 360. People can explore every angle of your product by rotating the 3D object in all directions and zooming in and out, interacting from their device as if the product was in front of them”

Guerlain, a French perfume, cosmetics, and skincare house is among the first companies to apply Swirl on their marketing campaigns. Jean-Denis Mariani, Guerlain’s Chief Digital Officer, said:

“Swirl is opening up a whole new creative canvas for us. We’re able to tell a more dynamic story about our products and give customers a powerful new way to interact with them.”

Guerlain Perfume advertisement in 3D Display Format
Image courtesy of Google Blog

Swirl 3D Display Ad Format, Display & Video 360

Google designed the Swirl 3D display ad format for the mobile web. Brands that are already utilizing 3D assets can create their Swirl ad through the Google Web Designer tool.

Google’s Poly 3D platform will also get a new editor that will provide brands an easier way to edit and publish their photorealistic 3D immersive ads.

Aside from Swirl, Google also introduced a new live stream format in Display & Video 360. This is to give YouTube content creators a way to live stream their content in display ads across multiple devices.

“With the live stream format, people will be able to interact with the video using familiar YouTube player controls. People can preview your live stream, watch full screen, and exit when they’re done, giving them full control over how they interact with your content.”

YouTube Live stream in Display & Video 360 ad format
Image courtesy of Google Blog

According to Verma, Swirl and live stream are both part of Google’s efforts to help brands provide interactive ad experiences to their audience. At the moment, the two new features are in beta mode.

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