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Google Outlines Security Issues That the Search Console Reports



Last week, Google released a training video to teach users how to identify and fix security issues using Search Console reports.

Now, the tech giant is delving a little deeper. The new episode explores the types of security issues as well as what causes them.

The Search console reports two categories of security issues: hacking and social engineering.

The Various Types of Hacks

Although hacks come in different forms, the URL injection is the most common type.

URL injection can occur through outdated software or stolen credentials. After enabling unauthorized access to a website, the hacker can choose to remove, modify, or add content to a web page.

The attacker can also steal user or exploit a website’s reputation for their commercial purposes.

According to Google, the Search Console reports the following types of hacking.

  • Injection of URLs
  • Code injection
  • Injection of content

Hackers typically use any of the methods above to gain access to an insecure directory server, before taking control of a website.

For example, if your website has a directory with open permission that you’ve forgotten about, a hacker could take advantage of it. This often happens when a site owner is running an older, insecure version of a content management system.

Also, attackers can gain control of a site by exploiting vulnerable third-party applications such as widgets and plugins.

Social Engineering Reports on the Search Console

Social engineering involves tricking a user into divulging confidential or personal information for fraudulent purposes. Phishing is one of the most common examples of social engineering.

Google’s safe browsing can detect whether a website has deceptive content. If that’s the case, the Chrome browser might display a “deceptive site ahead” warning to the user.

Also, the Search Console will alert users via email if Google detects any social engineering content. The Search Engine giant recommends checking the security issues report once in a while to remain safe.

Aside from social engineering warnings and hacks, Google Search Console also reports other security issues. These include unclear mobile billings, malware, harmful downloads, and uncommon downloads.

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