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Google Rolls out new Features to Improve Keyword Recommendations

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WDnet Creation /

When Google introduced the keyword recommendations and optimization score, its goal was to enable advertisers to take advantage of opportunities and improve their overall account performance. It worked.

According to the search engine company, marketers who were able to increase their account-level optimization by 10 points saw a 10 percent increase in their average conversion.

Now Google wants to make it even easier for advertisers to act on these suggestions. With this in mind, the tech giant is releasing two new feature along with an improved keyword recommendation.

These include a new workflow and bulk actions.

Improved Keyword Recommendations

Henceforth, Google ads will only suggest keywords if they’re projected to drive more traffic beyond the existing ones. Also, keyword recommendations can now contain broad match modifiers.

That means your ads will only show in searchers that include the words you’ve marked with a plus sign. Examples of such include +blue +shoes or similar terms.

Digital marketing agency, Effective Spend, already have access to these features. And the company admits that it’s a time-efficient way to cover the most relevant search terms.

In a statement, the Digital Media Director at Effective Spend, Paula Thompson said:

“The updated keyword recommendation tool has been a highly useful addition to the Recommendations page for our agency. The increased specificity in match type and ad group suggestions have made adding these terms a breeze and decreased our time allocated to adding new keywords to our current campaign structure.”

Recommendation Table View and Bulk Action

Google also introduced a table-view format of recommendations as well as a bulk action feature to apply and dismiss it.

With the new table format, advertisers can now view and sort recommendations based on the most substantial optimization opportunity. Also, the table provides a scoring and recommendation breakdown by the campaign.

Furthermore, advertisers can download the table in excel to view it offline.

Rather than go through the tedious process of applying each recommendation individually, Google included the bulk action feature to speed up the process.

Now, advertisers can apply or dismiss recommendations on multiple campaign accounts with a single click. However, it only works at a manager account level.

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