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Here are the Social Networks Influencers Will Be Using in 2018

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According to a research by social influencer marketing company HASHOFF, Instagram will be the preferred platform for Influencers next year. 

Influencer marketing continues to grow. What used to be the marketing strategy for new and small brands to build awareness and loyalty is now among the top marketing strategies for most brands and marketers.

The social media world is constantly changing. Working strategies and platforms evolve daily. So does the preference of influencers as to which platforms to channel their energy.

To find out what social media platform, influencers might use most next year, HASHOFF conducted a survey. The survey collected data from 414 influencers and micro-influencers in a wide area of business to consumer topics.

From the report, 82.2% of the respondents said that Instagram is the social media network they’ll prioritize next year, followed by YouTube (12.2%) and Facebook (1.7%).

Snapchat and Twitter appear to have lost their glory days. Only 0.2% and 0.5% of respondents respectively said it’ll be their platform of choice next year.

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Influencer Marketing State of the Union Report Fall 2017
Influencer Marketing State of the Union Report Fall 2017 | HASHOFF

This isn’t particularly surprising considering Instagram is still the number 1 social platform this year for 93% of the influencers who responded.

Influencer Marketing State of the Union Report Fall 2017
Influencer Marketing State of the Union Report Fall 2017 | HASHOFF

However, it appears that influencers are also shifting their attention to YouTube. We believe it is because of how video content has exploded this year with projections to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021.

Youtube remains the number video content platform so it only makes sense for influencers to channel resources there in a time where video content is booming.

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Again, this can be attributed to the fact that majority of the respondents said Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube provided creators with more tools for creation.

Influencer Marketing State of the Union Report Fall 2017
Influencer Marketing State of the Union Report Fall 2017 | HASHOFF

Do you agree with HAHSOFF’s report? Do you believe Instagram will be the number platform for Influencers next year?

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  1. Ivan cooper December 28 at 2:22 am GMT

    Instagram is gaining popularity day by day and have gained large users base through out the world. Because of big user base Instagram has become the favourite marketing place for businesses. Lots of Instagram marketing companies like kickstagram is providing Instagram marketing services. If you want to earn targeted Instagram followers to grow your business, then kickstagram is a good option for you.

  2. pixelkicks December 29 at 12:57 pm GMT

    How relevant is Instagram for brands or companies that aren’t fashion or trend orientated, with a mainly youthful audience? Certainly for influencers its the biggest social network by far but would you say it’s percentage sway is as strong for more industrial, manufacturing or scientific types of company?

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