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Here's Why Influencers Aren't Using Snapchat Anymore

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Not only does Instagram Stories have more users than Snapchat, new data confirms influencers are also posting on Instagram 2x more than Snapchat.

The competition between Instagram and Snapchat is in full swing, but it may be getting tougher for Snapchat. Within just a year of launch, Instagram’s clone of Snapchat surpassed its originator in terms of the number of users.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app appears to be gradually stealing influencers as well.

Mediakix, an influencer marketing agency conducted a 6-month long study to compare influencers’ usage of both platforms. This study was triggered when Mediakix noticed a decline in inquiries for Snapchat influencer sponsorships.

“Our study quantifies and surfaces a) which platform is preferred by influencers, b) the rate at which influencers have changed their posting habits since the launch of Instagram Stories, and c) at a high level, which platform is getting better traction or more popular with audiences.”

The key findings of their study were:

  • Influencers are sharing twice as many stories to Instagram as Snapchat
  • Instagram stories have grown by 14% among top influencers within that period
  • Snapchat use among top influencers is down by 33% within the same period

The complete findings of the study are illustrated in the infographic below:

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories Top Influencers Infographic
Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories Top Influencers Infographic |
Snapchat Use Among Top Influencers is Down by 33%Click To Tweet

What’s Fueling this Shift in Preference?

  • Larger following: Influencers believe it’s easier to build a huge following on Instagram than other platforms.
    Lele Pons Instagram
    Lele Pons | Instagram

    Social media star Lele Pons on whether she’d choose Instagram Stories of Snapchat said: “I’d choose Instagram Stories. It’s a favorite and a great tool to utilize if you’re focused on building your following while keeping your followers engaged.”

  • User-friendliness: Compared to Snapchat, Influencers say Instagram is more easy to use. One influencer Matt Cutshall said, “Instagram Stories all the way (it’s the one stop shop for an audience to enjoy quality photos, videos, stories and live all in one). For me, Snapchat has completely fallen off. Their platform has not evolved to make it more user-friendly. Instagram Stories have become so simple to use and not to mention, my phone doesn’t start overheating like it does on Snapchat.”
  • Better discoverability and higher engagement: In addition to Instagram being more user-friendly, Influencers believe Instagram provides more opportunities for their content to be discovered by users. Better discoverability ultimately leads to a higher engagement. Cutshall further said, “Snapchat lead in engagement for me until they changed their ability to watch someones Snapchat story then roll into the next story. Instagram implemented that capability to roll into the next story, therefore allowing more followers to stumble into your content.”

This could be very worrying for Snap as the company is currently experiencing difficulties in growing their user base. We’re not sure how Snapchat will respond to this worrying emergence as their most recent update doesn’t seem to address any of these issues.

Do you think Snap has lost against Instagram already? Any ideas on how Snap can get influencers to start posting to its platform again often?

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