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How to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Julia Tim |

Julia Tim |

Want to boost your Facebook organic reach without spending money? We show you how in this post.

Since the launch of Facebook pages in 2007, it has gone through several changes. Notable among them is the drastic reduction in organic reach of posts made on pages.

When pages launched initially, posts would usually reach all fans of a page. Now you have to be pretty lucky to achieve an organic reach of 5%.

This is because Facebook wants you to spend money on ads to reach all your fans.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to spend on paid advertising. If you happen to be one, don’t worry, Edgy Labs to the rescue.

We’ve put together a few working tactics to help you boost your organic reach.

1. Encourage Your Fans to use the “See First” Feature

Edgy Facebook Page
Edgy Facebook Page

Facebook’s “See First” feature allows fans to override the default Facebook algorithm to display posts from any page first. This means posts from that page will show up first in their newsfeed and they won’t miss anything from the page.

By encouraging your fans to set your page to “See first,” your organic reach will increase as your posts will be delivered to their newsfeed by default.

To set “See First,” simply hover on the “Following” tab to reveal the options and select “See First.”

2. Post Videos

Facebook Organic Reach Edgy Facebook Videos
Edgy Facebook Videos

Facebook algorithms intentionally give preference to videos. On Edgy’s Facebook Page, our best performing posts are usually videos.

On average, videos get 135% more organic reach than images, statuses, and link posts. Share more videos on your page and you’ll start noticing a boost in organic reach.

3. Go Live

Depending on the type of page you have and the content you produce, starting a live video is a great way to boost your organic reach.

At present, Facebook gives live video preference over all types of content. This means live videos receive more views and engagement than images, text, links or normal video posts.

Usually, Facebook will pre-inform your fans about upcoming broadcasts. This means before the broadcast starts, there’ll be viewers ready to watch and engage with your content.

Most live streamers have adopted a tactic of asking viewers to share their live videos as many times as possible before they start delivering content. This results in a much wider reach and more engagement.

4. Share Your Posts in Related Groups

A simple yet very effective tactic to increase the organic reach of your posts is to share them in related groups.

Post in Facebook Group

There’s a Facebook group for virtually every interest and topic. A simple search with keywords will reveal a dozen groups related to your page.

Join these groups and sparingly share your posts with them as well. Also, you must make meaningful contributions to conversations in these groups to avoid being perceived as a spammer.Facebook Organic Reach Edgy Facebook Page Share

To share a post from your page to a Facebook group;

  • Click share on the post you’d like to boost.
  • Select Share in a Group.
  • Type in the group you’d like to post to, add a custom message and click on post.

Collectively, you can use these tactics to boost organic reach for your Facebook posts without spending any money on ads.

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