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Infosys Announces 5G Solutions to Solve Future Economic Problems

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There has been a ton of buzz over the latest 5G mobile network announcements. From U.S. President Donald Trump demanding the currently non-existent”6G” to Huawei’s chairman saying that the U.S. is lagging in the 5G race, companies will soon need to adapt to the new technology.

Sprint itself just unveiled plans to launch its 5G network in May of this year. It’ll launch in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Kansas City. But it could come to Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Washington, D.C., and Phoenix within the first half of the year.

As such, enterprise companies will need a large-scale solution for these updates.

Why Infosys Developed These Solutions

Infosys will now offer new services centered around 5G or fifth generation communication service provider technology. Ideally, these offerings will enable companies to conceive and develop new economies using 5G technology.

At the same time, however, they can streamline (and monetize) 5G network deployment.

Infosys supports this rollout with five global offices in Frankfurt, Bengaluru, Melbourne, Indianapolis, and Richardson known as 5G Living Labs. The company press release also elaborated on 5G’s applications with new technologies in the fields of AR, VR, IoT, and AI.

“The global network of Infosys 5G Living Labs are designed to help enterprises imagine and curate game changing ideas driven by 5G, and rapidly prototype them to life. The labs combine the best of Infosys emerging technologies expertise in areas like (IoT), AR, VR and AI, design thinking driven approaches and a diverse partner ecosystem that is deeply invested in 5G technologies…”

Infosys predicts 5G technology as becoming a “driving factor” in network monetization for communication service providers moving forward.

How Will Infosys Support Their Service Suite?

The press release included statements from Infosys’ Deputy Chief Operating Officer and President Ravi Kumar S. Dustin Kehoe, the Service Director for GlobalData PLC also chimed in.

Both touted the unique possibilities and innovations available with 5G technology.

“5G is not just an evolution of cellular standards, it will also enable various new sets of applications, some low latency, others high on throughput to improve employee productivity or external customer engagement. However, the technology is emerging and industry collaboration across the ecosystem is required to unlock new innovation to co-create use cases.”

Infosys powers their new 5G suite using their experience working with high-level telecom service providers. They have expertise in Media OTT Platforms, SDN-NFV, and IoT, as well as collaboration experience with network OEMs, network solution providers, and CSPs.

More information will become available about the specifics of the offerings in the months to come.

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