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Start Your Marketing Agency Using This Ultimate Guide

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Main Marketing Agency Takeaways:

  • A marketing agency helps brands and businesses implement and manage marketing strategies.
  • Businesses that need help with creating an effective marketing plan can use the service of a marketing agency.
  • Businesses hire marketing firms for advertising, digital marketing, brand management, and public relations, among others.
  • It is advisable for marketing agency startups to focus on a specific niche first.
  • Marketing agencies must invest in tools that are relevant to their niche.
  • Brands rely on marketing firms to provide digital marketing services.

As a skilled marketer, it’s not surprising that you would want to launch a marketing agency. The business is booming! Last year, the global marketing sector grew by 5.9 percent, reaching almost $700 billion. What’s more, it accounted for 54 percent of total media revenue worldwide.

However, only marketing agencies can fully enjoy the windfall from this growth. Although the process is not as complicated as you imagined, launching your marketing agency requires some basic knowledge.

What is the Meaning of Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency helps clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve specific business goals. Along with monitoring marketing efforts, these agencies use data to optimize campaign results. The team of experts in marketing agencies also identify marketing strategies that’ll maximize return on investment (ROI). Businesses that need help with creating an effective marketing plan can use the service of a marketing agency.

How do Marketing Agencies Work?

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Marketing companies consist of people working together to create and implement successful marketing strategies for brands. The process begins with a detailed marketing research. The marketing firm could experiment with various strategies to understand the suitable marketing techniques for specific brands.

After that, demographic research can reveal the target audience and how to reach them. Using this information, the marketing agency can then develop and implement a strategy for specific marketing campaigns.

With that said, there are two types of marketing agencies based on function. These are:

  • Traditional marketing agency
  • Full-Service digital marketing agency

Brands can also retain the services of marketing firms for specific projects such as search engine optimization.

Marketing agencies are essential for every business. These agencies produce ideas to maintain customer relationships. As a result, they ensure the long-term success of any brand.

What is the Purpose of a Marketing Agency?

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The primary purpose of marketing agencies is to develop and implement marketing strategies to promote their clients’ products and services. Marketing firms help businesses conduct market research and analyze trends to improve their sales, audience reach, and brand visibility. These firms execute and manage marketing campaigns for clients and monitor different marketing efforts. The data gathered from these campaigns are then used by these marketing agencies to achieve their goals.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, marketing agencies also serve the following purposes:

1. Advertising

One of the primary purposes of traditional marketing agencies is advertising. The goal here is to create a perfect advertising plan and develop it into a successful campaign.

For this purpose, marketing agencies rely on print media such as newspapers, magazines, and hoardings. They also invest in broadcast media such as radio and television.

2. Brand Management

Marketing agencies also provide brand management services to startups.

Along with researching the market to understand the demands, brand marketing agencies also develop strategies to build the company’s image. These include company name and logo, as well as its visual identity.

The goal of brand management is to increase a brand’s perceived value over time. That way, customer loyalty will also increase due to positive brand image and association.

3. Digital Marketing

Brands rely on marketing firms to provide digital marketing services. While that may suggest a hint of social media marketing, it’s not the complete story.

Digital marketing involves the use of the internet and online-based digital technologies to promote products and services. Besides social media, the range of services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Email marketing

Marketing agencies implement and execute digital marketing strategies to boost awareness and attract more customers to the brand’s website.

4. Graphics and Designs

Graphic and design agencies are the creatives that convert content into a visualized image.

Agencies in this category create brand visuals that’ll influence the consumer’s thought process.

However, such a marketing firm‘s role extends beyond merely designing logos. They also handle the artistic designs for advertising and packages for the product that the company offers.

Other purposes of marketing agencies include public relations and review management.

How do I Start a Marketing Agency?

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1. Select Your Niche

The first step is to identify what makes you stand out as a marketing agency. In other words, you need to select a specific niche.

An advantage of offering a specialist service is that you’ll eventually be known as an expert in that field. As a result, your agency will get consistent work from the same clients over a more extended period.

Some niche options include content marketing, email marketing, PPC, SEO, and guest blogging, to name a few.

While it’s a good idea to start your marketing firm around a specific service, it’s only temporary. As your marketing agency grows, you may want to diversify the offerings.

2. Identify Your Target Market

Now that you’ve selected a niche, the next step is to identify who you’ll be marketing to and why.

At first, you may be tempted to take as much work as possible. However, you may be setting the company up for failure if the marketing effort doesn’t serve your target market.

So, locate your market target, and build your portfolio around them. For some marketing agencies, it could mean a large-scale international project. Meanwhile, others may only have to focus on a local area.

3. Draft a Business Plan

At this point, you’ve already selected your niche and identified your target market. Now, it’s time to put your expectations into writing. This is where you draft a business plan.

Along with your business goals, the business plan should also contain cash flow and financial forecast. Such a document should also contain projections for business activity and a revenue stream to use.

This may also be an excellent time to register your business — if you haven’t already.

4. Find Clients

Networking may be the quickest way to find clients for your new marketing company.

It usually involves presenting at conferences and taking part in various networking sessions. You could also reach out to your contacts and networks on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Other ways to find new clients for your startup include offering free trials and asking for referrals.

Indeed, bringing in several clients could be challenging. However, retaining those clients requires a high degree of challenging work and consistency.

5. Promote Your Business

The question that comes to mind here is simple — how do you market a marketing company?

However, a marketing firm is similar to any other business that offers specific services. As such, primary ways of promotion remain the same. These include:

  • A well-designed website
  • Social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Email marketing

You could also use paper-based promotional materials such as a brochure or other physical documents. It provides an excellent way to sample some of your agency’s best works for distribution.

6. Get the Right Tools

Hundreds of marketing software are available today for individuals and agencies. Not only are these tools built to scale, but they’ll also impress your clients and win new businesses.

Consider investing in the following tools:

Note that the tools you need depend entirely on your marketing niche. For example, a social media management agency may not need to invest in a link tracking software.

7. Hire the Right Staff

At first, you would have to perform all the tasks required to run a successful marketing firm. But you may want to consider hiring staff as your earnings increase.

Your hiring process should depend entirely on your business workloads and requirement. However, the new employee should either contribute skills that are lacking or improve the current process.

Now that we’ve covered the essential elements of starting a marketing company, there’s just one more thing.

How do Marketing Agencies Charge Client?

Initially, you may offer free trials to lure as many clients as possible. However, when the agency has secured several clients, you’ll need to move on to paid work. So, what pricing options should you offer?

You have three basic pricing options here, and these include:

  • Offering specific services at fixed fees
  • Charging an hourly or a daily rate
  • Providing a team on an ongoing basis for a retainer payment

Regardless of the desired option, your fees should reflect the effort that goes into your projects.

Remember, the marketing industry is highly competitive. So, ensure that your agency is client-focused and remains up to date on industry trends. More importantly, always take the most creative approach.

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