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Snapchat's new Swipe up Call Allows Users to Call Businesses

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Snapchat is launching a new ad unit that’ll enable users to call or text businesses. And they’re calling it Swipe Up Call or Swipe Up Text.

Snapchat has always had the swipe up feature in its ad unit. But until recently, swiping up would pull up an in-app browser to enable users to perform specific actions.

These include making purchases, downloading an app, signing up to an email list, or other similar call-to-action.

Last week, the social media company introduced a new ad unit to enable a direct call or text. In other words, Snapchat users can now communicate directly with businesses by simply swiping up on their mobile device’s screen.

In the blog post announcement, Snapchat wrote:

“Available today in Ads Manager, Swipe Up to Call or Swipe Up to Text is a new Snapchat ad format specifically built to deliver leads, conversions, and sales.”

So, how does new ad unit work?

Using Swipe Up Call or Swipe Up Text on Snapchat

According to social media company, driving a user to call gives sales associates more control over the consumer experience. And this could help businesses to close quickly close purchases.

Snapchat also pointed out that a user calling a business indicates a high level of consideration and intent to purchase. And companies can take advantage of this intent.

For example, the feature will enable potential customers of real estate companies to book an apartment showing immediately. Similarly, telecom companies can connect directly with consumers to help resolve various issues.

Whatever the business, the Swipe Up call allows you to provide a personalized service to potential customers.

Snapchat noted:

“Leveraging Swipe Up to Call can be a cornerstone to power up sales from an always-on perspective or when you need that boost of leads for your business.”

Follow the steps outlined below to get started on Swipe Up Call or Swipe Up Text.

  • Create a campaign with Instant Create in Ads Manager
  • Select Calls & Texts as your advertising goal
  • Pick ‘Call My Business‘ or ‘Text My Business’ and select a saved phone number or input a new one.
  • Design and Upload your ad

Please note that you’ll have to verify your phone number via call or text to proceed.

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