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New LinkedIn Tools can Help With Virtual Job Interviews

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Job searches can be stressful at even the best times of the year. But the impact of the coronavirus has made the process tougher for even the most dedicated searchers.

Regardless of how skilled you might be, you still have to show your ability to potential employers. And this can be a bit challenging when you’re not in the same room.

Then there’s the issue of confidence.

According to LinkedIn, 50 percent of people say they lack confidence when it comes to interviews. As you can imagine, that’s a huge disadvantage in the already tight job market.

Now, LinkedIn is helping with these problems.

In a blog post, product management executive at the company, Blake Barnes said:

“If you’re searching for a job right now, we want to help you stand out to recruiters and prepare for your interview — which most likely will be virtual.”

With this goal in mind, LinkedIn is launching a test version of a video introduction feature, as well as an AI-powered instant feedback tool for virtual job interviews.

Here’s how these tools work.

Video Introduction for Virtual Job Interviews

According to LinkedIn, 65 percent of people believe that the impression you make online is just like the one you make in person. Unfortunately, there’s still the problem of showing your soft skills over the internet.

To address this issue, LinkedIn is testing video introductions. It’s a feature to help improve job searchers’ ability to make a positive first impression on potential employers.

Thanks to the new video introductions feature, the hiring manager can request an introduction as part of the interview process. In response, the candidate can either record a presentation or provide a written copy.

A carefully crafted response can help you stand out before the official interview process even begins,” Barnes notes.

AI-Powered Feedback During Online Job Interviews

To help candidates answer questions more confidently during interviews, LinkedIn is introducing an AI-powered feedback feature.

Users can record their practice answers and submit them to the AI feedback tool for assessment. In turn, the tool will listen, analyze the speech content, and provide feedback on ways users can refine their interview skills.

For example, it gives advice on pacing, sensitive phrases to avoid, as well as how many times an applicant used filler words. Job applicants can also send their practice responses to their Connections on the platform for more personalized feedback.

LinkedIn is making the tool available globally. And users can access it as soon as they apply for jobs on the LinkedIn jobs home page.

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