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LinkedIn Adds Features to Help Businesses Stay Connected

inlytics • LinkedIn Analytics Tool /

inlytics • LinkedIn Analytics Tool /

Communication and connection are essential for the success of any business. But with more people working remotely, employees have struggled to stay engaged with each other and their organizations.

According to a recent Glint survey, 31 percent of employees reported that they experience less connection to leaders as the pandemic persists. Similarly, another 37 percent felt less connected to their teammates.

Meanwhile, a growing number of companies have announced that employees should work from home until 2021.

As such, it becomes vital to devise a plan that’ll help workers thrive in a virtual environment. And that’s what the professional networking platform LinkedIn is trying to do with its new updates.

In a blog post announcement, a LinkedIn executive, Alex Valaitis, wrote:

“This quarter’s updates help Page Admins connect their employees, highlight upcoming events, and gain invaluable insights about their brand’s followers.”

Here’s what you should know about the features.

Three New LinkedIn Features to Help Businesses Stay Connected

1. “My Company” Tab

The My Company” tab is a space for employees in an organization to interact within the company’s LinkedIn page. That way, the workforce can engage with each other while working remotely.

The “My Company” tab also comes with a milestone feature for celebrating accomplishments. These include promotions, anniversaries, and new hires.

Other functions of the new tab include:

  • Surfacing trending content from coworkers
  • Recommendation to connect with other employees from the company

The “My Company” tab feature will only be available to pages with over 201 employees.

2. “Events” Tab

Virtual events have become more popular than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With several employees working from home, virtual events provide an opportunity to stay connected.

However, finding these virtual conferences, panels, and webinars can be challenging. Even after successfully seeking them out, it can be worrisome to keep track of these events.

That’s where the “Events” tab comes in. It automatically pulls in a quick view of your past, present, and upcoming events on LinkedIn.

3. View Page Followers

Before now, page admins could only see their aggregate number of followers and their general demographics. However, this data isn’t enough to fully understand or grow a follower base.

LinkedIn has finally added a new feature to address this issue.

Pages will now have access to all publicly available information about their followers. Also, users will be able to sort their follower list by current company, industry, and location.

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