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Microsoft Advertising Adds new Features to Shopping Campaign

Grand Warszawski /

Grand Warszawski /

In response to feedback from users, Microsoft Advertising is introducing new functionalities to Shopping Campaign.

According to the company, the improvements will help publishers save time when managing their Shopping Campaigns. Also, it should provide better insight into account performance when making Product Group changes, and enable advertisers to automate their bid changes quickly.

In its blog post announcement, product manager at Microsoft Advertising, Joseph Damiani said:

“With the start of the new year, we’re excited to announce new Shopping Campaign functionalities — improved Product Groups within the campaign user interface and Product Group management using Microsoft Advertising Scripts.”

Here’s what you should know about the two new tools.

Improved Product Groups on Shopping Campaign

Microsoft Advertising is introducing four new capabilities to the Product Groups on Shopping Campaign. These include:

1. A New List View

Thanks to the new list view, publishers can now view their Product Group across an entire account, ad group, or campaign. Besides, the new list view allows users to filter Product Group based on name, bid, or other performance metrics.

2. Make Bulk Changes Faster

Being able to quickly filter Product Groups based on bids comes offers tons of advantages. Perhaps the most significant benefit is it allows users to make bulk changes faster.

Along with making bulk changes across an account, campaign, and ad group, the new feature can make percentage-based updates too. As a result, users can easily edit bids by an increasing and decreasing percentage, while including a maximum threshold.

3. Informing product Group Subdivision

Microsoft advertising has integrated performance data into Product Group subdivisions. Now, publishers can monitor how specific categories perform to make more informed bidding decisions.

Product Group Management on Shopping Campaign

Aside from the Product Group improvements outlined above, Shopping Campaigns is now getting a Product Group management with Scripts. That’s right: advertisers can now automate campaigns with bid changes.

Before this update, publishers had to monitor the Product Group performance manually, and manually update bids. But the new support within Scripts would change all that.

Now, you’ll be able to write a simple script that runs on schedule to automate the bidding changes.

With that said, the new tools will be rolling out to all Shopping Campaign advertisers over the next few weeks.

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