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Amazon Advertising Departments are Getting a Complete Overhaul

Amazon is now working towards developing a unified advertising department to better build its media and promotion empire. | Image By By Eric Broder Van Dyke | Shutterstock

Amazon is now working towards developing a unified advertising department to better build its media and promotion empire. | Image By By Eric Broder Van Dyke | Shutterstock

Amazon is bringing together all its ad products under one brand: Amazon Advertising.

Following Google’s move earlier this year which saw the search engine giant dropping many of its advertising brands, Amazon has retired three of its ad services and products as well. In an announcement made last week, Amazon SVP Paul Kotas proudly introduced the all-new Amazon Advertising department.

In an effort to make the life of advertisers a whole lot easier, Kotas announced that they would be retiring three of the company’s most popular marketing platforms: Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP).

We’ve unified our product offerings under the name ‘Amazon Advertising.’ This is another step towards our goal of providing advertising solutions that are simple and intuitive for the hundreds of thousands of advertisers who use our products to help grow their business.

~ Paul Kotas, SVP, Amazon Advertising

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising is not a new marketing service. Instead, it is a new brand that will unify the three legacy Amazon brand names- AMG, AMS, and AAP – as the company starts phasing them out in the next couple of months.

Under Amazon Advertising, the company hopes to eliminate the confusion caused by the number of ad products and platforms they have built these past years as the digital marketing space flourished. Apparently, these multiple marketing services and products have left some marketers and business owners baffled on what product to use.

“We’ve worked hard to scale our products and services for our advertisers and agencies, but we also recognize that in the process, we’ve created complexity around our advertising brands and product portfolio. So we’ve been thinking about how we can invent and simplify to provide a better experience for our advertising customers,” Amazon said in a blog post.

What Amazon Advertising Means to Marketers and Business Owners

Again, don’t let the rebranding mislead you. The name may have been changed, but the same services will be offered, just under one umbrella. Meaning, the company’s media group would still manage the customized ad campaigns, and the marketing arm will continue to oversee the automated ad buying.

With the new Amazon Advertising platform, marketers and website owners who wish to grow their businesses can take advantage of the benefits offered by AMG, AMS, and AAP under one ad product. These services include the display and video services, sellers ads, and programmable solutions.

Aside from renaming its ad platform, Amazon also changed the ‘Headline Search Ads‘ to ‘Sponsored Brands.’ According to the company, the rebranding ensures that the name of the platform is aligned with the expanded feature set of the Headline Search Ads announced weeks ago.

Amazon Advertising Products

If you’re still confused about what ad and marketing products the Amazon Advertising will offer, here’s a simplified portfolio of their services.

  • Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands that will enable advertisers and marketers to promote their products or brand by making it easier for customers to search and purchase products in Amazon.
  • Display ads will help advertisers reach relevant audiences on Amazon, third-party sites, and apps with the aid of customizable brand or e-commerce creatives and actionable insights. This will enable advertisers to optimize their ads further to achieve various objectives. The Product Display Ads will also be available to advertisers that sell products on Amazon, helping them drive traffic to their product detail pages.
  • Video ads will allow advertisers to narrate their brand story and get better customer engagements in brand-safe environments through trusted channels like Amazon and IMDb, on exclusive Amazon devices such as Fire TV or Fire tablet, and across third-party sites and apps.
  • Stores enable vendors and sellers to develop their own website that will have its own branded URL on Amazon. With a Store, vendors and sellers will be able to showcase a brand story and product portfolio in a curated customer destination.
  • Measurement solutions which include campaign reporting, retail insights, and third-party reporting, will help businesses understand advertising’s impact on shopper behavior—whether they run on Amazon or third-party sites and apps—so they can optimize marketing strategies to achieve results.
  • Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically reach their audiences both on Amazon sites and apps as well as through direct publisher relationships and third-party exchanges. Advertisers can manage, optimize, and report on their programmatic display and video campaigns through the Amazon DSP console.

Despite becoming America’s second $1 trillion company, Amazon’s marketing and advertising division still lag behind its two direct competitors: Google and Facebook Ads.

However, the company’s Quarter 2 2018 advertising revenues of $2.2 billion USD together with its rebranding decision only proves to show that Amazon has no intention of backing down. Meaning, the company is determined to take its ad business further and to give advertisers and marketers more marketing options in the digital advertising space.

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What can you say about Amazon’s decision to put its three major advertising platforms under the Amazon Advertising brand?

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