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New Survey Ranks Facebook Last in Digital Trust

Simon Steinberger /

Simon Steinberger /

Every year, Insider Intelligence conducts a study to assess digital trust among internet users.

It measures users’ level of confidence that a social media platform will protect their data. The study also examines whether the platform provides a safe environment to create and engage with content.

In the 2020 Digital Trust Survey, the researchers analyzed consumer perceptions of nine social platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

For the study, the Insider Intelligence team focused on what they described as the five pillars of digital trust. These are:

  • Security
  • Legitimacy
  • Community
  • Ad experience
  • Ad relevance

The online survey took place between May 28, 2020, and June 3, 2020. Also, it had over 1,800 participants from the U.S., from ages 18 to 74.

Here’s the key takeaway from the study.

Facebook Has the Lowest Digital Trust Among Social Media Platforms

Findings from the survey suggest that Facebook was the least trusted social media platform when it comes to data privacy.

About 32 percent of U.S. Facebook users somewhat disagree that the platform protects their data and privacy. By comparison, only 10 percent of LinkedIn users said the same.

In general, fifty-three percent of Facebook users somewhat agree that the platform keeps their data and privacy protected. However, analysts pointed out that it was the lowest share of respondents among the measured platforms.

So, what’s responsible for the distrust?

According to Insider Intelligence, past mishaps may be driving U.S. Facebook users to think that the platform doesn’t protect their data.

In a statement, senior research analyst at Insider Intelligence, Audrey Schomer said:

“Two years after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we expect that Facebook’s massive data privacy issues during that time have persisted in public memory and continue to be a black mark on its record.”

Admittedly, Facebook has made efforts to give users more control over their data since the scandal. However, it seems to have minimal effect on users’ sentiment in the United States.

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