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President Trump’s Climate Change 'Inaction Plan' Gets in Motion

Andrea Izzotti /

Andrea Izzotti /

Since taking office, President Trump has gotten into the habit of mocking global warming in his tweets and at his rallies.

Because he believes climate change is a Chinese hoax, he went on to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accords.

In London, where thousands protested against his visit to the country, he told Piers Morgan that climate change goes “both ways” even after an hour of convincing from Prince Charles.

The White House seems even more adamant than ever in its efforts to stifle climate change science — regardless of what scientists, environmentalists, and business leaders say.

President Trump’s Administration Steps up its Anti-Climate Game

The New York Times qualifies the climate change plans of President Trump administration as “ a new assault” against climate science and regulations.

But, if the anti-environmental efforts of the current administration aren’t alarming enough, it’s the scale at which this assault is being orchestrated that’s a bit worrying.

Doubling down on climate change denial, the Trump administration is rolling back major environmental regulations of the Obama-era and curtailing the freedom of federal officials and scientists.

Pulling the U.S. out of the Paris agreement was just the start.

They had to go after Barack Obama’s legacy, and one of its main aspects is climate policy. At least 84 environmental regulations are being rolled back, though some were inherited from previous administrations.

Now, the National Security Council is ordered to strip communinqués of any references to climate change.

The U.S. is one of the eight countries bordering the Arctic and forming what’s known as the Arctic Council. But President Trump has recently refused to sign an agreement on the climate challenges jeopardizing the Arctic because it references climate change as a serious threat.

On the U.S. National Climate Assessment part, it has to change its climate models used to project the climate change impacts through the end of the century, and which are the result of decades-long work. Now, federal scientists can run their “worst-case” scenarios only through 2040. The Times wrote:

“As a result parts of the federal government will no longer fulfill what scientists say is one of the most urgent jobs of climate science studies: reporting on the future effects of a rapidly warming planet and presenting a picture of what the Earth could look like by the end of the century if the global economy continues to emit heat-trapping carbon dioxide pollution from burning fossil fuels.”

Severe Impact of President Trump’s Anti-Climate Change Stand to Global Efforts

The Trump administration’s climate inaction plan would have a severe impact on global efforts to curb climate change.

Per a new report by the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center addressed to state attorneys general during a national gathering, rolling back environmental regulations “could boost U.S. carbon emissions by over 200 million tonnes a year by 2025.”

The report’s authors sum it up by saying that “the Trump administration’s actions amount to a virtual surrender to climate change.”

Surrender is usually applicable when the situation is overwhelming and hopeless, and thankfully, we’re not there yet.

We still have some time, a dozen years at the most, to get the planet’s climate systems back on track.

If the whole thing behind Trump’s making fossil fuels great again is to unfetter the American economy, eschewing faux climate science and betting on true climate action is the way to go. Trillions of clean dollars and millions of low-carbon jobs are waiting, so would you please make it rain?

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