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RISE 2017: Join in With the Northeast's Prestige Technology Event



Edgy Labs begins its coverage of the 2017 Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE) taking place at Boston’s Northeastern University.

RISE is a lot like a grownup version of a science fair.

Every year, well over 2,000 people attend Northeastern University’s prestige event dedicated to breakthrough research in clean energy, computer science, social engineering, and FinTech.

These are technologies that will govern our world and our lives as we transition into Industry 4.0. Furthermore, as the Internet of Things begins to manage our digital and physical infrastructures, pools of thought like the RISE conference will have to be gathered in order to stay ahead of this evolution.

Why Visit a Research and Scholarship Expo?

Research and scholarship expos worldwide provide an opportunity to speak with emerging leaders in your field.

RISE 2017 offers an opportunity for both students and faculty of this university to present their cutting-edge discoveries to each other, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public.

Here’s what some of last year’s participants brought to the table:

Moreover, as a leading tech-focused institution, Northeastern University offers first looks into some of the most revolutionary AI and robotic advancements ever seen. Just check out what they were able to accomplish last year:

Could RISE 2017 Really Help my Business?

Ultimately, any expo can be used to foster networking to improve your business relationships, help you discover cutting edge tech, and demonstrate the value of processes.

Moreover, at RISE, there are fantastic opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, commercial reps, and researchers to not only meet but to connect over joint endeavors.

Here at Edgy Labs, we’re dedicated to helping you grow–whether you’re a business or just one person. That’s why we make sure you’re on top of your game by bringing you the latest breaking news and tech announcements from events like these.

Stay tuned for additional announcements and news from the RISE 2017 conference.

Would you consider attending the 2018 RISE conference at Northeastern? Why or why not?

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