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The Ultimate OK Google Commands List

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The following is a compiled list of commands for Google Assistant taken from personal experience and other guides around the Internet. In short, it’s the ultimate list of OK Google commands.

Most new Android OS phones will automatically have Google Assistant activated. Just by saying “Ok, Google,” the phone should jump to the Assistant screen and start listening to you. That looks something like this depending on the phone:
google assistant
Android Police

If your Android phone does not have Google Assistant activated, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Apps, select the Google app.
  2. Select the hamburger menu hamburger menu and select Settings.
  3. Go to Voice->Ok, Google Detection->enable From Any Screen.

Google Devices That use “Ok, Google”

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Google Home and Google Home Mini
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Chromebook
  • Google Pixelbook
  • Most Android Phones
  • Any Mac or PC computer with Google Assistant App installed (reduced functionality)

Once You’ve Ensured That You’re Using a Google Assistant Activated Device, use any of the Following Commands after uttering “Ok, Google”

Funny Commands

1. Can you pass the Turing test?
2. Wubba Lubba dub dub
3. Do you want to be human?
4. Are you Skynet?
5. Are you sentient?
6. May the force be with you
7. I am your father
8. Are we in the Matrix
9. Have you seen Bigfoot?
10. Do you know the Muffin Man?
11. Who is the real Slim Shady?
12. Who let the dogs out?
13. Do you speak Morse code?
14. What am I thinking right now?
15. Tell me something funny
16. Give me a random number
17. Beatbox
18. Talk dirty to me
19. Are you married?
20. What is the meaning of life?
21. Hodor
22. I love you.
23. Do you love me?
24. Who’s your crush?
25. Who’s your first crush?
26. Who’s the loneliest number?
27. Beam me up, Scotty!
28. Can you rap? Can you sing?
29. up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A.
30. What’s cooler than being cool?
31. What are the three laws of robotics?
32. Are you afraid of something?
33. How much money do you make?
34. Do you like Siri?
35. Did you fart?
36. What am I thinking?

Kid Friendly and Logistical Commands

Kid Friendly
1. Let’s play musical chairs.
2. Let’s play Talk Like a Chef.
3. Let’s play space trivia.
4. Can you help me with my homework?
5. Tell me a story.
6. Check out a complete list of games and kid resources here.
7. What sound does a/an [animal] make?

Logistical Commands 
1. Call [contant name].
2. Call [contact name] on speakerphone.
3. Text [message details] to [contact name].
4. Remind me to [activity] at [time and date].
5. Navigate me to [location] I.e.”Home” or “Ann Morrison Park.”
5a. How far is [location] from [location]?
5b. Distance from here to [location].
5c. Show me the nearest [restaurant, gas station, etc]
6. Send an email to [contact name].
7. Set an alarm for [time].
8. Set an alarm in [amount of time].
9. When is my next alarm?
10. Show me my alarms.
11. Set a repeating alarm at [time] for [name] on [days or everyday].
12. Show me my appointments for the day.
13. Schedule a meeting.
14. Create a calendar event.
15. Show me my schedule on [day].
16. What’s the flight status for [flight airline and number]?

Information Based Queries

1. What’s the weather like today? This week? Next week? (You can also ask what the weather is like in other locations)
2. How old is [name]?
3. Where was [name] born?
4. Who invented [anything you want to find].
5. Browse [], when you want to go directly to the website.
6. Go to [name of website], when you want it to appear in a Google search.
7. What is a [noun]?
8. Who is the [title] of [location]? I.e. “Who is the PM of Japan?”
9. How long did [event] last? “I.e. How long did World War II last?”

1. How long is [distance in one measurement] in [other measurment]?
2. How much does [weight in pounds] weigh in [grams, kilograms, etc]?
3. How many ounces are in a liter? Ounces in a cup? Cups in a gallon? etc.

1. How is [team name] doing?
2. Results from [team name] last game.
3. When is [team name’s] next game?
4. Did [team name] win the last game?
5. Who owns [team name]?Finance
1. What is [name] stock price?
2. What is [name] trending at?
3. What is the value of [a currency] versus [a currency]?
4. What are the richest companies in the world?
5. Who are the richest people in the world?Dictionary and Thesaurus
1. What is the definition of [word].
2. Define [word].
3. Synonyms for [word].
4. Antonyms for [word].


1. Google Hangouts: Send a hangouts message to [name].
2. Evernote: Make a note with Evernote.
3. Whatsapp: Send a Whatsapp message to [contact name].
4. Viber: Send a message with Viber.
5. Telegram: Send a Telegram message to [contact name].
6. Youtube: Search [for name] on YouTube.
7. Pandora: Play [song name] on Pandora.
8. Google Music: Listen to [song name].
9. Facebook: Post [message] on Facebook.
10. Twitter: Post [message] on Twitter.
11. Turn on the flashlight.
12. Open Google account settings.
13. Show me my Google search history.
14. Change Google privacy settings.
15. Change Google security settings.
16. Show me my messages.
17. Record a video.
18. Take a selfie.
19. Increase (or decrease) volume.
20. Mute the volume.
21. Turn on [wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode]
22. Shazam this song.Other notes apps
Make a note with [app name]:

  1. Wunderlist
  2. Trello
  3. OneNote
  4. Catch
  5. Google Keep

Tips and Tricks Videos for the Latest Google Devices

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Feel free to comment with additional commands we should include!

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