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TikTok Emerges as top Platform for Driving Advertising ROI

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TikTok has emerged in this year’s Singular ROI Index as one of the top platforms for advertising return on investment.

On Tuesday, a marketing intelligence platform, Singular, released its annual global ranking of top advertising networks based on return on investments.

The report represents about 85 percent of mobile and analyzes $6.3 billion in advertising spend in 2019. The Singular ROI index also considers 2.2 billion app installs across 550 networks.

But unlike the previous ones, this years’ ROI Index did not rank the ad networks. Instead, the report consists of a list of companies that were recognized in a specific category.

Here’s a break down of the findings.

TikTok’s Growth Drives Advertising ROI

The biggest news in this year’s report was TikTok’s meteoric rise, and that’s not surprising.

The China-based company rose from nothing in the world of mobile user acquisition at the beginning of 2019 to become a significant player. Now, the social platform has joined global ad leaders such as Facebook and Google.

Not only did the company add over 600 million users, but it also integrated tools for advertisers. This ultimately served as a strong foundation for monetizing its investments.

As a result, the social media platform enjoyed a massive 75 times increase in ad spend from May to November 2019.

Amazon Advertising Not on Leaderboard

Amazon is currently enjoying rapid growth in advertising.

In 2019, the company generated advertising revenue of roughly $14.1 billion. That’s 39 percent more than 2018’s $10.1 billion ad revenue.

Despite the impressive growth, Amazon did not make the top list on the advertising ROI. And that’s because the company’s ad division is more focused on retail sales than mobile installs.

But, this could change in the coming years.

Other Takeaways From the Singular ROI Index

According to the report, Google and Facebook are still massive global platforms.

Both tech giants appear on every leaderboard for Android and iOS. That’s because they continue to provide scale as well as quality. Also, they’ve grown to become the default platforms.

Meanwhile, Apple Search Ads continues to approach the default status on iOS. Expectedly, the Cupertino-based company’s Search Ads appear on every iOS leaderboard in the report.

The Singular ROI Index also mentioned a few core competitors. These include Twitter, Pinterest, Snap, Unity, Ironsource, and Vungle.

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